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Pop Fashion Podcast Promo 2.20.15 New York Fashion Week & Kanye’s Adidas Collection 

New York Fashion Week gave us LOTS to talk about. If I could sum up Fall 2015 in one word? Turtlenecks. They were all over the runway.

Want to see a selection of looks from the biggest brands? Check out my NYFW Fall 2015 board on Pinterest.

People are split on Kanye’s Adidas collection. But, almost everyone heard about Baby North’s reaction. (i.e. tears)

The biggest piece of NYFW news, though, had nothing to do with the looks on the runway. It had to do with money. A study revealed NYC brings in $900M annually from fashion week.

 Missoni & Rebecca Minkoff 

In other news, is fashion house Missoni for sale? Reports are conflicting. Also, Rebecca Minkoff partnered with eBay to launch high tech dressing rooms. Are they going to revolutionize the store experience?

Self Indulgence vs Self Care

Our main topic was about self indulgence. The Cut came out with this hilarious / interesting article entitled, “Behold: My Week of Dangerous Self-Indulgence.” It was our jumping off point to talk about self indulgence versus self care. Is indulgence always bad? Or, is there a way to indulge in a way that is healthy? And, why do so many articles talk about food when it comes to indulgence? I’m still wrestling with this subject even after our episode!

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Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted

The challenge for today is a mini exercise in letting go. Somewhere in your closet you have something that doesn’t work anymore, but could help someone else through this winter. Even if you can’t go out and donate that piece today, pull it out and put it by your front door so you can donate it within the next week.

Donate 1 Sweater Challenge

When I conduct a Wardrobe Edit in a client’s closet it is about fashion, but it is also about the process of letting go. The client goes through years (sometimes decades!) of clothing and decides what to keep and what to pass on to another person. It is sometimes a hard process, but you know what happens at the end? A sense of relief. A sense of accomplishment. A feeling of being unburdened.

Letting go is a tough process. But, I don’t think that we always miss out when we let go. In the case of the sweater – someone else will gain as we let go. What a great metaphor for our lives. If we let go of our “stuff” (literal or figurative) what could we possibly gain in its place? What could other people gain?

Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted 

Sometimes joy doesn’t come in big gestures. Instead, joy comes in small details. This week I’m focusing on finding delight in the unexpected parts of my day. The tiny moments that, many times, go unnoticed.

Look for Joy in the Details What joy can you find in your day today?

Fashion News!

Pop Fashion Podcast News

Want to hear this week’s fashion news? Just push play! Want some link action? See below!

Pop Fashion Podcast Promotion

   Non-Hair Beauty Trend & Is Etsy Becoming eBay? 

In “say what?” news, Lands’ End hired the CEO of Dolce & Gabbana. If it sounds like an odd pairing that’s because it is. The best part of the story? The CEO is moving from New York City to Wisconsin. Can someone say reality show in the making?

The director of Arcade Fire’s, “We Exist,” showed up on the red carpet in heels and looked freaking fantastic.

The lovely Diane von Furstenberg wrote a letter to remind designers to hire healthy models of different races during New York Fashion Week. (Does this need to be said in 2015? Apparently it does.)

In beauty news, non-hair is having a moment. What is non-hair? It’s wearing your hair as-is without product (kinda like the #wokeuplikethis movement). The questionable part is that “non-hair” is defined as straight hair with a little wave on the ends. You have to either be born that way or have a pretty good stylist to achieve that look. And, it kinda leaves out EVERY OTHER PERSON who doesn’t have straight hair.

DC’s own bluemercury was sold to Macy’s for about a gazillion dollars.

Artisans are starting to worry that Etsy is becoming the next eBay. One Etsy seller started a campaign to buy $1.5 million worth of shares of their upcoming IPO.

Extreme Management Styles

Zappos was used as an example of a new, extreme management style. If you have never read about their ideas behind Holacracy I highly suggest you do so. It’s wild. In a nutshell – no job titles /  no managers / no hierarchy. Will this succeed?

Lisa and I used this as a jumping off point to talk about our own management styles. Even as freelancers we still manage ourselves, so are we good managers?

And, we eventually come around to talking about Machiavelli. This is probably the only fashion podcast you will ever listen to that mentions Machiavelli. Ha!

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5 New York Fashion Week Trends for Fall 2015

5 Fall 2015 Trends (So Far) 

Ahhh….New York Fashion Week. It’s like the Super Bowl for those that love fashion. Except it’s longer, there are more tears, and there’s much more money involved. (*More on this later)

New York City Fashion Week Fall 2015 Pinterest

New York City Fashion Week Fall 2015 on Pinterest

It’s also the best way to figure out trends we will see IRL. It takes about 9 months for looks to translate from the runway into what people wear in daily life. Except if you are one of the few who can buy it right off the model’s back. But, since that’s not most of us, let’s check into 5 trends that are headed to a closet near you…

1. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are back in a BIG way, ya’ll. Fall 2015 has said, “you know those necks everyone has been sporting? Let’s cover those suckers up!” The good news about this trend – it is built for cold weather and is a practical thing that most people can wear and afford. The bad news about this trend – it’s very easy to go crazy over this style and buy one in each color and wear them for decades.

Here are some examples of turtlenecks on the runway! (And, I don’t own the rights to these suckers, or I would put them on my blog directly. Instead, I will send you straight to the source.)

Victoria Beckham Collection DKNY Collection Derek Lam Collection Altuzarra Collection  …and, honestly, there were so many of them I could go on and on. But, that will get you started.

2. Fur

Fur is still around. In some cases it’s faux, in some it is real.  Fur is being shown in the usual browns and blacks, but just like Fall 2014 fur is also showing up in bright, surprising colors.

Here’s the thing about fur – it always surprises me to see it on the runway. Some years there is a heckuva lot of commotion when it appears, and other years people are okay with it. I’ve never understood this dramatic back and forth and how wildly the pendulum of public opinion swings.

Here are some examples:

Tibi Collection Diane von Furstenberg Collection Custo Barcelona Collection Hood by Air Collection 

While I’m internally divided on how I feel about wearing fur, it is nice to see a warm fabric on the runway. Seriously. I know how silly that sounds, but some years we get to fall and winter collections and I’m like, “where do these people live?” It drives me nuts when fall clothes are all sleeveless dresses and short skirts. LET’S BE FASHIONABLE ANNNNND WARM, okay? They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

3. Pants with a Higher Waist / Cut-Off Bottom

I’m not sure what to do with pants this year. So, two things are happening – a) pants are sitting closer to the natural waist and b) they are cutting off at the ankle (or higher). It’s like everything moved up two inches. Sometimes both of these trends are happening on the same pant, sometimes not.

Examples (Mix of High Rise / Cropped / Sometimes Both):

Derek Lam Collection Alexander Wang Collection  Misha Nonoo Collection Carmen Marc Valvo Collection Banana Republic Collection 

4. Mix & Match Patterns

If you want to try your hand at crazy pattern matching, Fall 2015 is the season to do it. The pattern combinations are sometimes dizzying, but overall they are refreshing and visually interesting. Stripes on stripes on stripes. Circles with swirls. Tops going one way bottoms going another. It’s done in a casual, “I just rolled out of bed and put this on,” type of way, which makes it perfect for the adventurous sartorialist.


Thakoon Collection Novis Collection Desigual Collection Dennis Basso Collection Diane von Furstenberg Collection

5. Boxy Coats

Designers are playing with proportions again, and this year we are seeing lots of boxy coats. In some cases the outerwear is taking the idea of “boxy” to literal measures. The VFiles Collection has men’s coats that look like squares. In other cases, like Rachel Comey, the jackets are a bit more translatable to office life. The coats are either chopped a bit short or the shoulder is more defined, but overall boxy outerwear looks like it is having a moment.


Public School Collection VFiles Collection Polo Ralph Lauren Collection  Tome Collection

Trends can evolve as fashion week continues and we receive more information. But, for right now these are the ones that are noteworthy.

*That thing about the Super Bowl. A report recently came out that New York Fashion Week generates $900 million annually for NYC. This is more than last year’s Super Bowl (in neighboring New Jersey), which generated $500 million. 

For more New York Fashion Week 2015 trends, check out my Pinterest board. It’s like a cheat sheet to all the shows!

What’s your favorite trend for Fall 2015? Do tell!

Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted 

Snow day snow day! It’s funny – a snow  day used to mean a day off of school and perhaps a day off of work. Now it means, “do all your work, just do it from home.” I don’t know if this is a good thing. Sometimes our brains need a snow day or its equivalent – a day to snuggle in with family and read and take naps.

Snow Day Challenge

Keep in mind that snow days can be extremely hard for groups who are vulnerable. Check in on your neighbors. Keep an eye out for those who may need help. There is a hypothermia hotline in DC with the purpose of protecting the homeless from extreme weather. You can reach that hotline at (202) 399-7093 or 1-800-535-7252.

What are you doing with your snow day? (If you are an East Coast person. If you are in sunny weather I’m so jealous right now. You are welcome to leave the current temperature of your hometown in the comments below.)

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015

NYFW: A Quick Cheat Sheet

The great thing about New York Fashion Week is that you don’t have to be there to enjoy it! Technology has placed all of us in the frow (front row). In fact, many fashion editors skip the whole ordeal and watch the runway shows online instead!

I’m making a NYFW Cheat Sheet of sorts – I’ve created a board on Pinterest and am going through the shows and pinning the most iconic looks. (The good, the bad, and the ugly.) If you don’t want to go through thousands of pictures / don’t have the time to sit through the shows online just give me a follow.

Here is the link:

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Cheat Sheet

Pinterest is an amazing tool for understanding runway shows. It’s the quickest way to discover patterns and look for themes. It also gives me insights into upcoming trends. It can be hard to discover a through line for a particular season, but viewing different designers grouped together gives me a sense of the whole.

The board will evolve as Fashion Week goes on. So, pop in when you can to see bits & pieces of the latest fashions!

If you would rather go through the shows one by one, I particularly like The Cut’s coverage and would recommend starting there.

Fashion News!

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Pop Fashion Podcast

 America’s Retail Deathwatch 

Every store you know is closing (continued)….This past week it was Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade. (Caveat – Kate Spade Saturday MIGHT be folded into Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade will continue to to sell online.)

Another closing – Bonne Bell. You know, that store that sells all your favorite Lip Smackers. BAH! What’s a 90′s baby to do?

Another closing – Jones New York INCLUDING their wholesale operations.

Fashion Leadership Changes

Another shakeup – Chip Wilson stepped down from Lululemon’s board. I’m shocked it took this long. He had a history of highly offensive and bizarre comments.

Aaaaaaand Gap fired Creative Director Rebekka Bay. Gap hasn’t been doing so well with their “Dress Normal” campaign and sales have been tanking.

 America’s Luxury Fashion Growth 

In the middle of Retail Deathwatch 2015 a curious thing is happening. Fashion brands are looking to expand to the United States. What is going on here? Why are mid-range lines struggling and luxury brands going like gangbusters? No, seriously, if anyone can explain this to me I would love to understand it.

Fashion Technology News is On Point 

There are some seriously cool fashion tech stories out this week. Turns out Tommy Hilfiger is completely revamping the idea of the showroom. His concept – let’s stop producing samples and do everything digitally. It was only a matter of time, but who knew Mr. Hilfiger would be the guy leading the revolution?

You might know that fashion has a problem with forgeries. This is why you can buy a “designer” bag on a New York City street corner for $45. Welllll….designers are trying intricate ways of manipulating fabrics so they can’t be replicated. Yup, technology is advancing fabric. It’s completely fascinating, and you can read more about it here.

Responsibility in Business

Our main topic was about responsibility in business! What do we expect when dealing with businesses? Are those expectations too high or too low? And, can business practices translate into our lives?

On the personal side, here are 6 charts that explain late, flaky people. These graphs are totally worth your time. You might recognize yourself or someone you love who drives you crazy.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys

10 Gifts for the (non-romantic) Valentine in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! People usually go one of two ways with this holiday:

1. They are super excited to celebrate and have high romantic expectations.

2. They hate on it and call it a corporate holiday.

I would like to introduce a 3rd take on it. Instead of the day being about smoochy romance or hating it with the heat of 1,000 suns, why don’t we just use it as a way to say, “hey, you are a nice person and I like you?”

THUS, I would like to present 10 Valentine’s Day gift options for the non-romantic guy in your life. It can be for your dad, uncle, cousin, the cool kid down the street….whoever you would like to celebrate. I wanted to focus on gifts for guys because, let’s face it, finding a presents for this holiday outside of roses and chocolate can be challenging. (Although, guys can like that stuff, too. And, if your non-romantic Valentine would prefer that stuff go for it!)

Small note – I’m not getting money if you purchase things through these links. Although that would have been smart of me. I just think these are fun ideas!

In no particular order….

10 Valentine’s Gifts for the Non-Romantic Guy In Your Life!!

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm ($14.50)

Honest Amish Beard BalmThe Amish know their beards. This balm is made from natural ingredients and will condition / repair your facial hair while encouraging new growth. My husband received this as a gift over the holidays and absolutely loves it. Find it here.

2. Wolverine Print ($7.93)

Wolverine Print

Wolverine is printed on vintage dictionary paper by Greetings from Collingwood on Etsy. Why Wolverine? He’s awesome. Find the print here.

3.  “Extra Pulp” Pulp Fiction T-Shirt (On sale for $9.95)

Extra Pulp Pulp Fiction T-Shirt Threadless always has the best t-shirts. Their artists are so clever!  If you are interested in this Pulp Fiction parody you might want to pick it up sooner rather than later – their sale items tend to go fast. Find it here.

4. Star Wars Rebel Logo Mug ($7.99)

Star Wars Rebel Logo MugMoment of truth: I don’t know anything about Star Wars. But, I know enough to understand that this coffee mug is seriously cool. Find it here.

Side note: I’m going to say this before I get too much further – these gifts are great for girls, too.

Moving on….

5. The Original Bacon Kit ($22)

The Original Bacon Kit

In the immortal words of Ron Swanson, “Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have…” Give the gift of curing your own bacon from Sur la Table. Find it here.

6. Bill Murray Collage ($63.00)

Bill Murray Collage Gift

This is my favorite gift on the list. If I had the wall space I would order it for myself. (Forget my Valentine!) The technique is similar to the Wolverine print above – it’s a print on dictionary paper. But, place all 9 pieces in 8×10 frames and you have one giant picture of Bill Murray’s face. The design is by PageRager on Etsy and you can purchase it here.

7. Fast Company Magazine ($12)

Fast Company Magazine

I looove giving and receiving magazines as gifts. Every month the receiver gets a little “hey, I like you,” reminder. In the case of Fast Company it comes with super-intelligent business articles, is inexpensive, and is something to get in the mail besides bills. What’s not to love? Bonus – lots of magazines these days come with a print + Kindle subscription for one price. Find it here on Amazon.

8. Brass Knuckles Meat Tenderizer ($12)

Brass Knuckles Meat Tenderizer This one is just so freaking punk I had to put it on the list. Find it here.

9. Vintage Medic Bag ($21.53)

Vintage Medic Bag An Army Navy supply store can be the source of some seriously impressive (and useful) gifts, like this khaki canvas medical bag. Find it here.

10. How to Read Houses: A Crash Course in Domestic Architecture ($17.95)

How to Read Houses Book

For the architecture junky in your life! This book by Will Jones can be purchased through Amazon, but this links to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store. (Just as a way to try and support the museum community.) Find it here.

And, there you have it! Ten cool gifts for your non-Valentine.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted

Carry a sense of you with you today!

Carry Joy With You Challenge