Outfit of the Day – Transition Weather Clothes

What to Wear When the Weather Changes From Winter to Spring

Spring is such a tricky time when it comes to clothes. Yesterday when I was running around DC I noticed people wearing everything from shorts to winter jackets. Mornings can be cool and then temperatures can jump 10 or 20 degrees by mid-afternoon! What’s a gal to do?

One answer – layers!

What to Wear When the Weather Changes

This is one of my favorite combinations, and it works like an equation:

Liquid Leggings + Dress (+ Cardigan or Jacket if it is Cold in the Morning)

With this outfit you are dressed for the coolest part of your day and still have the option of taking off layers. If it gets hot you can go to the bathroom and take off the liquid leggings and still look very pulled together. If it gets even warmer – take off the cardigan / jacket.

If you haven’t heard of liquid leggings I HIGHLY recommend them. I lived in them this winter. They are such a great layer for warmth and they look completely badass.

Sidenote – it’s hard to tell in these photos, but the dress is a small apple print. It makes me happy every time I wear it!

What do you wear when the weather is in that in-between stage? Do tell!

Outfit of the Day – How to Wear a Bright Skirt

How to Wear & Pair a Bright Piece of Apparel 

This maxi skirt is one of my favorite pieces – especially when we are going through a change of seasons. It is BRIGHT pink. Like, you can see it from blocks away pink.

How to Pair a Bright Skirt

I’ve found that clients have lots of questions when it comes to wearing bright colors. Many times the question is, “how could I possibly wear this?” One answer is to pair it with chambray.

Chambray makes an outfit approachable and appropriate. Remember that jean (or a jean color) can go with everything, so pair it with those brights!

How to Wear a Bright SkirtThe necklace is from Kalos and Company – one of my favorite places to get accessories. My friend and mentor, Dana, is the powerhouse jewelry designer behind the brand. I love this necklace because it is sweet and dainty and balances out my statement skirt. You can find Dana’s beautiful designs here.

How do you like to pair bright clothing? Do tell!

Outfit of the Day – The Best Travel Pants Ever

The Most Comfortable Pants to Travel In

These pants are perfect for travel. They are incredibly soft and fold up into a small rectangle – perfect for shoving into a suitcase or tote. I particularly love them for plane travel because they look dressy but feel like PJ’s. (Look dressy but feel like PJ’s = my favorite category of clothing.)

Outfit of the Day - The Best Travel PantsYou can wear them full, but I like to tie a knot at the bottom. It just gives them another silhouette that is a bit funkier.

Outfit of the Day - Best Pants to Travel In

I got this pair at Gossip on 23rd – one of my favorite boutiques in the DC area. I have found them at other independent stores, so keep an eye out if you are looking for a similar product! (A company called Final Touch makes another pair that I own.)

Do you have a favorite travel outfit? Do tell!


Outfit of the Day – Military Style


The weather is finally changing!

The winter dragged on for so long – I was cold for five months. Thank goodness we landed in the middle of springtime. DC in spring is special because all of the cherry blossom trees bloom. (I was walking home on Saturday and gusts of wind picked up the petals on the trees and it was literally RAINING FLOWERS. I felt like I was in the middle of a fairy tale!)

I love this dress because a) it was a thrift store find and b) it’s perfect for layering. As a tip – if you have a dress that buttons (or snaps) all the way down always ask yourself, “what can I put under or over this dress to make a new outfit?” For today, though, I wore this dress as-is minus all the layering.

Military Dress Outfit of the Day That ruffle detail at the top is just darling.

Outfit of the Day Military Dress

This dress is 100% cotton. The upside – the material is breathable and won’t trap heat. The downside – I steamed out the dress, put it on, and it still looks a bit wrinkled. Totally worth it, though, on a day like today!

What are you doing to celebrate the spring? Do tell!

Best Of

Washington City Paper’s Best Of 

If you live in the DC area make sure to pick up a copy of Washington City Paper’s Best Of issue for 2015!

Washington City Paper Best Of 2015

I love, love this annual issue because it gives props to small business owners who work SO HARD throughout the year. I wrote a portion of the retail section and had so much fun conducting research. It’s a miracle to keep a brick and mortar going these days (i.e. see the retail death watch list of 2015 thus far) and people with independent ventures work their fannies off to keep things moving.

Congrats to the winners!

Shop local whenever you can!

Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted 

Remember that love comes in all sorts of forms.

Challenge Give Thanks for the Love in Your Life

Fashion News!

Pop Fashion Podcast News

Want to hear this week’s fashion news? Just push play! Want some link action? See below!!

Pop Fashion Podcast Promo

For this episode Lisa was in Florida. I was in DC where it snowed for the 100th time this winter.

Lupita Nyong’o's Dress Found

Lupita’s pearl-laden Calvin Klein dress was stolen right after the Oscars and then found a few days later in a hotel bathroom. Fashion crime is always fascinating and weird.

Gap’s New Creative Director & A Fab Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show

Remember when – way back a few weeks ago – Gap said that they weren’t going to replace Creative Director Rebekka Bay? Welp, they just replaced Rebekka Bay. Wendi Goldman is joining the Gap team as the Executive Vice President of Product Design and Development.

Dolce & Gabbana brought their A-game to Milan Fashion Week. They produced a runway show that honored Moms and it turned out to be an inspiring event.

SEC & Alibaba 

In international fashion news, the SEC wants to chat with Alibaba. Turns out they aren’t so happy that Alibaba is selling fake goods on their websites. Aaaaaannnnnd China had a little chat with the company about this exact situation before Alibaba went public. A pesky rule states that you have to disclose information and possible illegal activities before you go public. Alibaba had the largest global IPO in history, so this selling (ALLEGED) fakes thing is a big deal. We will see what happens.

Tourism in Europe

Tourism is going bizonkers in Europe. Specifically, American and Chinese tourists have been flooding Europe because the entire continent is having a fire sale. Kind of. The dollar is just really strong right now. And, as it turns out, it is cheaper for the Chinese to purchase things in Europe than it is to buy items in their home country. What does this mean? It means that tourists are buying luxury goods like they are going out of style.

Side note: a large department store in England just put a “worship space” in one of their locations. It is a set-aside spot for people to practice their religious activities so they don’t have to leave the store. Is this the start of a new trend?!?

Another side note: Usually I would link to the website where I found the original article. This one is behind a firewall. However, there are a smattering of reports on the increase in tourism and spending, including this one that states that Chinese tourists are expected to spend $264 billion by 2019.

Clutter Clutter Clutter Rockin’ Everywhere

Our main topic was about clutter! Do we really need to unclutter our homes in order to find joy? Or, is it wiser to make do with what we have and not get rid of anything? Lisa and I explored the ties between the objects in our lives and how our families handled money growing up. There is a connection!

Do you own your stuff or does it own you?

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Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted 

Have you ever listened to Dr. Joy Browne? She is a a psychologist who has a radio show (and now a podcast!). I’ve been listening to her for years, and about ten years ago I heard her say, “Ask for what you need. You might not get it, but you will get a lot closer than if you keep your mouth shut.”

Challenge Ask for what You NeedThose words have always stayed with me. Sometimes we assume the people we love should know what we need. That, because we love them, they automatically should know how to make us happy.

I think this holds true in professional situations. We do a lot of assuming that people at work understand our point of view / drive / desire to move forward in a career.

People aren’t mind readers! It helps sometimes to spell things out. And, that’s not because we are surrounded by nincompoops – it’s just that life is life and everyone has 1,000 things going on.

Over the years I’ve gotten better at asking for what I need. I don’t always get what I want. But, I’ve found that most of the time it at least opens up a dialogue between myself and someone else.

Ask for what you need today. See what happens.

Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted 

Your words have power. Use them to encourage and uplift others.

Challenge - Use Your Words to Uplift

Fashion News!

Pop Fashion Podcast News

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Pop Fashion Podcast Promo Shot 2.26.15

Fashion’s Skinny Shaming & Threats to Malls

An apparel company devised a marketing plan that skinny-shamed women during London Fashion Week. Twitter didn’t like it so much. The company responded with one of those, “…we are sorry if anyone was offended,” statements that everyone is SO tired of hearing.

In more serious news, U.S. malls have been threatened by extremist group al-Shabab. They specifically named Mall of America. Shopping centers in Canada, Britain, and additional Western countries were also named. The Mall of America is in communication with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security and is responding by adding additional security measures. Some say the threats are just propaganda. Others say it’s important to stay vigilant.

Pot as a Budding Beauty Trend

On a lighter note, marijuana might be the next big beauty trend. Turns out, cannabis extracts can help skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Our 1 Year Podcast Anniversary!

Lisa and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this episode. Yup, we created 52 podcasts and didn’t miss one week. We can’t believe it!

We celebrated with champagne (“pink bubbles”) and cake.

Pop Fashion Podcast Cake

Lisa and I discussed things we learned this year, including:

  • Fashion is a dirty business. Even for the most moral buyers / sellers / designers the specifics of the apparel industry are hazy enough to cause major stress. Transparency can be difficult because the right hand doesn’t always know what the left hand is doing.
  • We never thought that covering fashion topics would include stories about murder, the drug cartel, foreign policy, embezzlement, etc. This is a high pressure industry. What comes with a high pressure industry? Lots and lots of drama.
  • There is an urgent need for more diversity within fashion and media as a whole. (Lisa transcribed one of our recent conversations about this topic. You can read it here.)
  • Lisa and I are way too hard on ourselves. Our second half hour is always about a business / creativity / self improvement topic. We have had countless in-depth conversations while researching our subjects each week (on and off the air). Our big revelation? We need to lighten up when it comes to our own expectations. Hard for two gals who are incredibly driven.

Our first year is complete! Now on to our second….

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