Advanced Style Opens in DC!

Advanced Style Documentary Opens in DC this Saturday! 

Do you guys know about Advanced Style? It is an ah-mazing blog that features stylish women who are 60+. It is one of my favorite sites because its philosophy rings true to my own – you can be stylish at any age at any budget, and clothing is a medium that can bring joy to life.

Well, they turned the blog into a beautiful documentary! It opens this Saturday in Georgetown. I’m especially excited because I’m moderating a discussion with director Lina Plioplyte and film star Debra Rapoport following the 3:00pm premiere!

Advanced Style Documentary

Some of “The Ladies” of the Advanced Style Documentary!

The October 25th screening is an exclusive one-day-only regional premiere and is the highlight of Fashion Art Design Georgetown.

You can get your ticket here.
Even better? Get 15% off with code WCPINSIDER at checkout!
Come on out and have some fun!


Jelly Shoes Grow Up

Adorable Smelly Shoes

In the 80′s my mini-fashionista self was all about jelly shoes. Remember them? Well, they are having a small moment in trendy fashion (and I must admit I own this pair). BUT, I found the jelly shoe’s older, more sophisticated sister.

On Trend - Jelly Shoes

Jelly flats! These guys are so comfortable and versatile. The best part? THEY SMELL LIKE STRAWBERRIES.

I don’t understand the magical manufacturing process that has inserted scent into a shoe, but there you have it. Apparently they smell better the longer you wear them.

I purchased them at Gossip on 23rd, an adorable women’s apparel store in Crystal City where everything is under $100. You can also purchase them on ModCloth here. If you are in the DC area, though, I would really encourage you to purchase them at Gossip in order to support a small business owner.

Did you own jelly shoes as a kid? Would you try them as an adult? Do tell!

Fall Fashion – Outfit Ideas

Dress Up a Sweatshirt 

An easy and comfortable outfit idea for the fall is to dress up a sweatshirt.

Fall Fashion Outfit IdeasThis cute one is from Ann Taylor Loft.

I wore a chambray shirt underneath. It’s a way to layer in case it gets warm. You can use any button up shirt (and you get cool points if it has some kind of funky design). For example, a polka dot shirt with a collar would go great under a gray sweatshirt.

I paired it with a tutu because I’m a crazy person. But, if you happen to have a sane person’s wardrobe you can wear it with jeans, a gray skirt, a black skirt, etc.

A word about this tutu – it’s really a pair of shorts. And, it is so, so comfortable. It’s like wearing pj bottoms. Clothes that feel like pi’s = my favorite category of clothing.

Have you ever dressed up a sweatshirt? Do tell!


Fall Fashion – Outfit Ideas

Outfit of the Day – Little Giraffes!

I love this dress because of the animal print.

Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas


They are little giraffes! This print is so much fun. Here’s a close up:

Fall Outfit Ideas

Little Red Giraffes!

I put a red cardigan over the dress in case the day got a bit cool.

And, I have to show you this:

Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

I almost never have my nails done. This is an attempt at pretending I have my act together by documenting it with a picture. (Ha!)

The color is Sephora by OPI in Break a Leg-Warmer, and it’s such a great shade of grayish blue.

Do you have any fun animal prints in your closet? Do tell!

Fall Fashion – Outfit Ideas

Wear Your Dress as a Coat 

Do you know you can wear a dress as a coat?

Hear me out on this one – I know how it sounds. (i.e. crazycakes)

If you have a dress that buttons / zips all the way up in the front up you can layer it over another dress. It will look something like this:

Fall Fashion Outfit Idea

The khaki coat is actually a summer dress. During the fall I wear it over something and style it the same way I would style a long blazer. This trick works especially well if the “coat” is black, navy, or an earth tone.

It’s just another way to get more outfits out of your closet. It’s especially handy when the weather is cool in the mornings and warm by afternoon.

Another note – I was playing around with my scarf in this particular outfit. I wanted it in my hair, but also thought about it going down the front of the dress as a means to play with pattern. So, I wore it as a headband and then tucked it in my belt in the front on one side. If this is just a bridge too far for you that is perfectly okay! I like to experiment with simple elements as a means of playing around with style.

Here’s a better look at it from the side:

Fall Outfit Ideas

Playful scarf!

Another look at the different elements – “coat” dress / simple black dress / scarf / belt:

Fall Outfit Ideas

I am going to put this khaki dress in my coat closet for a couple of weeks. It might just inspire some other creative ideas!

It’s National Podcast Day!

Why I Podcast

Did you know it’s National Podcast Day?

National Podcast Day

Podcasts have been part of my life for a loooong time. I used to listen every now and then, but the tipping point came when I got an iPhone. I downloaded the podcasting app, loaded up my phone, and officially became an addict.

I’m constantly listening.

If you run into me anywhere in DC this is what I will look like:

Podcast Photo

Please tap me on the shoulder or wave your arms if you run into me in public. These are some really good headphones.

The headphones are always, always on. If they aren’t you can be assured that I’m having a mild panic attack.

Podcasting became a bigger part of my life this past year when I helped launch Pop Fashion podcast with the lovely Lisa Rowan of Beltway Vintage. 

We run the podcast out of a blanket fort in my house. (I’m a grown adult and I conduct professional work out of a blanket fort. I don’t know if I should curl up into a ball or if I am living The Dream.) It’s weekly, it’s amazing, it’s frustrating, it drives me crazy, and it is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my career.

Podcasting in a Blanket Fort! This is what happens every week, ya'll!

Podcasting in a Blanket Fort! This is what happens every week, ya’ll!

Podcasting gives me a creative outlet and a voice. It’s therapy. It holds me accountable. It gives me a chance to talk to my awesome friend, Lisa, once a week. It inspires new ideas in my professional and personal life.

It has changed everything.

And I feel so, so encouraged that there are people out there listening and helping us think through some of the problems we are discussing.

You can go to iTunes and search for "Pop Fashion." This is our cover art!

Go to iTunes and search for “Pop Fashion.” This is our cover art!

Some of My Favorite Podcasts 

The Bugle Podcast

Hilarious podcast that covers world news by John Oliver (Daily Show / Last Week Tonight) and Andy Zaltzman.

WTF Podcast with Marc Maron

WTF is the 1st podcast that got me hooked!

The Fresh Rag Show with Dave Conrey

I became a Fresh Rag fangirl soon after the host, Dave Conrey, launched it. It is such a smart show for artists and creative entrepreneurs, and I continually gather courage and inspiration from Dave. THEN DAVE ASKED US TO BE ON THE SHOW!! I couldn’t believe it. I was a guest on one of my favorite podcasts! Hands down one of the best things that happened in 2014 (I’m calling it now.) Even better? Lisa and I became friends with Dave, and he is just as authentic, kind, and fun as he comes across in the podcast. (If you want to listen to our episode you can find it here. It’s called, “Entrepreneurship is Fashionable, but is it Easy?”)

How Did This Get Made?

How Did This Get Made reviews terrible movies. It’s laugh-out-loud-and-look-like-a-crazy-person-when-you-are-walking-down-the-street funny.

Other Favorites Include:

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Call Your Girlfriend

You Big Dumb Idiot

Women of Uncertain Age


Explore Your Enthusiasm

You Made it Weird

The Crabfeast

Ear Biscuits

I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast

The Accidental Creative

Girl on Guy

This Feels Terrible

Joy the Baker Podcast

The Read

The Dr. Joy Brown Show

How Was Your Week

Are you a podcast listener? Any that you want to recommend? Do tell! Or, better yet, go on social media and talk about your favorite and hashtag it #podcastday.

Warby Parker Fashion

Which Pair Do You Like? 

Warby Parker Fashion

Which pair is your fav?

And, do you know about Warby Parker?

It’s a company where you can try on glasses at home. They send you 5 pairs, you pick what you like, and send everything back.

It should be noted at this point that this isn’t a sponsored post / I’m not getting any payment. I just really need new glasses. That, and I had an awful experience getting contacts a couple of months ago. My doc was great, but the place where she works is just a disaster and I’m doing everything I can to avoid going back.

So, really, this post is about avoiding people.

But still getting glasses.

Which pair do you like best? Feel free to vote in the comments below!

Ben Affleck Fashion

Details Magazine Cover Awesomeness

The October issue of Details magazine just came out and the cover is hilarious.

Ben Affleck Details Magazine Cover October 2014

Ben Affleck Details Magazine Cover October 2014

Uhhmmmm….whatcha got going on there, Ben?

Are you about to flash us?

Give us flowers?

Dramatically open up your coat to reveal a Batman shirt?

And you look so, so serious looking while you are standing in the rain.

Details is one of my favorite magazines ever, and this cover makes me smile every time I see it. Ha!

Fall Fashion: Outfit Ideas

Is Leopard Print a Neutral? 

I really, really love apparel merchandising. It’s one of my all time favorite things to do. (For those of you that don’t know – apparel merchandising is the process of placing clothing in a store in an aesthetically pleasing way in order to drive sales.)

Apparel merchandising can be challenging because there are parameters and rules that you have to follow while making the overall picture look seamless. The best way I can describe it is that it is a gigantic Sudoku puzzle – but instead of numbers you are use clothes.

WELL, one of my merchandising teachers once told me, “Leopard print is a neutral.”

What? Really? Is leopard print a neutral?

Fall Fashion Outfit IdeasI’ve come to the conclusion leopard print is a neutral in merchandising, but not when creating an outfit. BUT, it is much more versatile than people sometimes realize. You can pair it with browns or blacks, which ultimately means you have lots of shoe and accessory options. You can also combine it with solid colors (especially jewel tones).

Maybe leopard print with a deep plum color?

Or emerald green?

Or navy?

It’s perfectly okay to experiment.

If you aren’t quite ready to do a skirt or top, start with a scarf or necklace. It’s a small way you can push your style (and if you get freaked out during the day just take it off!).

I’m totally in love with this top. It’s a simple scoop-neck t-shirt from Ann Taylor Loft, but the color is divine. Every time I put it on I feel like it’s time to drink a pumpkin latte. (I honestly do call it my pumpkin latte shirt.) Seriously, does anyone want to get a pumpkin latte? The more I type those words the larger my craving. Pumpkin. Latte.

I’ve obviously been brainwashed by a certain coffee company. I won’t mention any names. But, it rhymes with Marmucks.

Finally, I just got that belt at the thrift store for $1. Total steal.

Do you wear leopard print? Do you incorporate it into office wear? Into fall fashion? Do tell!

Rockabilly Office Style

Outfit of the Day! 

Today’s outfit is a twist on a basic office ensemble. A black skirt, cardigan, and cami are all building block pieces for a 9 to 5 wardrobe. The whimsy is all in the details!

Rockabilly Office Style

The cardigan is from a cute boutique in NW DC called Rosies and Rockers. I love the birds because they look like they were inspired by tattoo art!

The polka dot belt came with another dress. Quick tip: if you buy a dress that comes with a belt detach it and place it with the rest of your accessories. You can always pair it with the original outfit, but it’s much more fun to mix and match.

Also, I’m a big believer in red heels. They always add a pop of color!

This particular outfit is more on the “inspired by” end of the Rockabilly spectrum rather than diving deep into that style. I’m always so impressed with people who go all in and live that particular form of fashion. It’s feminine, flattering, and pays homage to vintage style. It also manages to be incredibly sexy while (typically) not showing that much skin.

Here are some online shops that incorporate / are inspired by Rockabilly style:

Pin Up Girl Clothing


Unique Vintage

Do you have a favorite Rockabilly shop? Do tell!