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The Indy List

I wrote a weekly column for Washington City Paper called The Indy List that featured independent retail, artists, makers, and events in the D.C. area. 

The Washington Post - Spring Cleaning 2018
Photo Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Photo Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Photo Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Photo Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Everything Must Go

I wrote an investigative piece regarding the disappearing independent retail scene in D.C. It was a Washington City Paper cover story. You can read it here. 


The Washington Post

The Post produces an annual Spring Cleaning Guide where experts suggest what people should toss from their lives. I explain why people should get rid of investment clothes


Prescribed Pain

I wrote a cover story for Washington City Paper about the intersection of the opioid epidemic and chronic pain. 



Women in D.C. face Obstacles at every step of pregnancy and childbirth

In 2018 Washington, D.C. reported one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the nation. I co-wrote an investigative report about why D.C. mothers keep dying. You can read the cover story here.

Buy D.C. 

Buy D.C. was a weekly column featuring local retailers around a central theme that I wrote and photographed for Washington City Paper from 2014-2017. 

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Photo Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Photo Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Holiday Shopping Guides 

  • Holiday Shopping Guide 2017 (cover story) here.

  • The 2016 shopping guide came out following the election. D.C. voted 90.9% for Clinton and 4.1% for Trump, so it was an odd time for a shopping guide as a cover story. I wrote about the collision of retail and politics. You can read it here.

  • Holiday Shopping Guide 2015 (cover story) here.

  • Holiday Shopping Guide 2014 (cover story) here.


Best Of Washington, D.C. Retail 

I frequently write about the best retail spaces and people in D.C. (partial list) 


Fashion / Relationship Columnist 

I wrote a fashion and relationship column for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy for two years. (partial list)


Other fun stuff


Nonprofit Writing 

My favorite nonprofit writing projects: 

  • Writing and project managing the Accessibility Guide for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

  • Writing the official guide to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Opening. Some of it is here.