J.C.Penney Wins with Beyonce

J.C.Penney's Big Beyonce Branding Win Every once in awhile a brand does something great. They take a moment, make it theirs, and win big.


During Super Bowl XLVII there was a blackout. It was an occasion that united sports fans across America, launched hilarious tweets, and gave Oreo their moment in the sun. During 34 electricity-less minutes, Oreo created an ad and put it on Twitter.

Oreo Super Bowl Ad

It was glorious.

It was social media at its advertising best. Funny, relevant, uniting.

Who knew that Beyonce would be the catalyst for J.C.Penney scoring major social media points?

Beyonce revealed this week that she is pregnant with twins, and the Interwebs lost its ever-loving mind. It was a source of joy in the middle of an awful news cycle.

Her announcement was unorthodox in style. Instead of a precious pregnancy photograph, Beyonce gave us something...different. The background drew comparisons to J.C.Penney department store photography.

Picture of Beyonce and Twitter's JCPenney Response

JCPenney + Beyonce

JCPenney + BeyonceInstead of ignoring the comparison, taking offense, or drawing up some silly PR statement, J.C.Penney ran with it. 

JCPenney + Beyonce Wins

JCPenney + Beyonce Win

JCPenney + Beyonce Win

JCPenney + Beyonce Win

It was fun. It was hilarious. And, it was personal.

JCPenney + Beyonce(They responded back to everyone, not just me.)

Here's why this social media tactic worked:

  • It shows clear knowledge of the subject matter. The Tweets use language that's both understanding of Beyonce's work and the people who love her.
  • It's funny. There is a great sense of humor at work here.
  • J.C.Penney trusts its social media team. This is amazingly important. The team is allowed to act within the boundaries of their brand while reacting to what is happening in real time. When internal people are trusted it can result in amazing brand moments.

Bravo to J.C.Penney for a great series of Tweets and for adding levity to social media during an uneasy time.