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Fashion News from This Week!  This week in fashion news - everyone got fired!

Lands' End Fires Federica Marchionni 

Lands' End hired Federica Marchionni 19 months ago to bring some glam to the brand. Marchionni's background is impressive - she previously worked with Ferrari and Dolce & Gabbana.

When we first reported this hire it sounded like a Reese Witherspoon movie. A high fashion gal moves to the midwest to turn around a company. Cue the high-heels-while-walking-in-snow montage.

Picture of Clothing

Except this thing went bust. Profits turned into a deficit and Lands' End stock went down. Ouch.

If you are keeping track, this past year new creative directors have been named at:

Dior, YSL, Lanvin, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta.

Peter Dundas "Parts Ways" with Roberto Cavalli 

Peter Dundas got dropped from Roberto Cavalli. Formal sources are saying they "parted ways" or are cheekily implying that they are consciously uncoupling. But, it sounds like the dude got fired.

Right after his Milan show.

He showed his Spring 2017 collection in late September and then found out a couple of weeks later that he was gone. Jeezy creezy, this industry isn't for the faint of heart.

If you want to see his last Cavalli collection check it on The Cut here.

I will leave you with this quote from Vogue's review of that particular show:

There's always a niche for this sort of thing. The striped jackets and skinny flares are in sync with fashion, as are the drifty dresses, fringed blankets, and shawls. Considering all the work involved in these pieces, though, young girls like the ones on the runway aren't going to be able to afford to buy Cavalli. Probably it's an older customer who might magpie around this collection when it hits stores. - Sarah Mower

Note: "magpie around this collection" is my favorite phrase of fashion criticism this fall.

What's good 2016?

Amazon Opening Grocery Stores

In the meantime, Amazon is positioning itself to take over the grocery industry.

Amazon Fresh customers will soon be able to go to small convenience stores to shop for fruit, veggies, milk, and meat. Non-perishables will be delivered or customers can go to a drive-through where items will be loaded directly into their car.

Why is this a fashion story? Well, it isn't. But, this speaks to a larger concept of Amazon changing the game in retail. Right now this sounds like an odd idea. In five years we will all probably will be doing it.

Amazon Knows What We Want

Lisa summed up the Amazon / retail phenomenon in one line that I found frightening and true.

Other Fashion News

  • American Crime Story announced that season 3 will be all about the Versace Murder. YASSS. It's about time someone took this on in a comprehensive way.
  • Whoopi Goldberg is now designing Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Lord & Taylor. Yes, that is a real sentence.
  • Macy's is opening even earlier on Thanksgiving Day than anticipated. Good for people who want to get away from their annoying cousins for a few hours, right??! RIGHT?? Honestly, I'm not sure if this a good thing or not.
  • You will soon be able to purchase Ferragamo RTW online. It's a big deal because most luxury brands have not waded into these waters. Sure, they may sell perfume or bags online. But, high-end fashion brands don't (typically) sell clothes online. Bold move, Ferragamo. Bold move.

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