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Fashion News from This Week!  Does the fashion world ever get boring?

Trick question - the answer is no.

Kim Kardashian Jewelry Robbery  

I'm still in recovery from the Kim Kardashian jewelry heist. I'm a secret Kim fan, so I was worried about her emotional health following the robbery.

That aside, I'm curious how the incident is impacting tourism in France. It's not just me who is worried - Parisian Mayor Anne Hidalgo came out said, "No worries, visitors!" and then talked about how tourism is essential to the health of the city. Furthermore, women in Paris are concerned about wearing their jewelry in public right now. Turns out there have been multiple armed robberies of jewelry stores within the city. If people don't want to wear bling, how is it going to impact the luxury market?

Oakley Attempts to Make World's Ugliest Sunglasses

In other news, Oakley is apparently determined to make the ugliest sunglasses on the market. The new Radar Pace acts as a coach to the user. If you slow down your run you can now have a robot yell at you for $449.

Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses

The sunglasses also track vital signs, answer questions, text people, answer calls, etc. Voice activated / hands-free devices are where everything is headed. But, do we really need this product? Maybe hard-core athletes will appreciate having a virtual coach. You can purchase a pair here.

Moschino's Capsule Collection Controversy 

Moschino's "capsule" collection isn't going over well. Advocates say the clothing and accessories glamorize drug use, and Nordstrom responded by pulling the brand from stores. You can find the products at Saks Fifth Avenue - for now.

Moschino Chain-Strap Prescription Bottle Bag

What do you think? Has Moschino gone too far? Does this line bring awareness to our connection to the drug world (prescription or otherwise)? You can find the Chain-Strap Prescription Bottle Bag here for $950.

Other Fashion News

  • Cambodia's imports to the United States are declining. A new report by the U.S. Commerce Department states that countries including Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Honduras aren't shipping as much apparel to our country. Keep an eye out on this story because it's tied to labor laws.
  • Chanel's Spring 2017 show took place in a data center to enhance the technology theme. It's about time we see some fashionable lanyards! Rejoice!
  • Did you know that pockets are political? This fantastic article by Chelsea G. Summers of Racked goes deep into the inherit sexism of pocket design.

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