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Fashion News from This Week!  It's the start of New York Fashion Week! The designers just started showing their looks for Spring 2017. Usually it's too hard to think about spring when I'm excited about fall. BUT, D.C. has had a round of 90 degree weather that has me all crazy-like. Thus, I'm in a mood to see spring clothes.

I MADE A CHEAT SHEET!  You don't have to follow everything that happens at Fashion Week, ya'll. I got you!

Check out my New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 Pinterest board. I go through the shows and pick looks that are emblematic of the brand, the line, or make me go, "aww, hell naww."

New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 RTW Pinterest Board

The biggest hubbub from the start of Fashion Week is Kanye's show. Apparently models got over-heated, leading to this insightful article by Stella Bugbee on The Cut. (Worth a read.)

Amina Blue also took off her shoes on the runway. Twitter response: Your career is over! My response: Girl, I've been there.

Other Fashion News 

  • Walmart is cutting 7,000 jobs, mostly in the back office. Remember how they just bought for $3 Billion? Yeah, ch-ch-ch-channnnges all around that store.
  • Doc Martins are getting an update in the best way. They will be lighter but look exactly the same.
  • Oscar de la Renta announced that Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia will be co-Creative Directors. You guys have to check out this NYTimes profile on how and why this happened. It has romance, drama, revenge, and lots and lots of hustle.
  • PEOPLE ARE STEALING from stores. In fashion crime this week, check out the stats for shrinkage (shrinkage = loss of inventory).  The National Retail Federation said that organized crime retail costs the industry $30 Billion a year. Retail Inventory Shrink Statistics
  • The H&M Conscious Foundation is putting up serious cash for their Global Change Award. Think you have an idea that can change the industry?
  • ModCloth is selling a podcast co-host top. Translation: a regular blouse that they have given a hip name because they are the QWEEENS of product description. As a co-host, I completely appreciate this nod.

ModCloth Podcast Co-host Top

Want to hear more? Hop over to Pop Fashion podcast where we do a deep dive into these stories and more fashion drama! (Or, just push play below!)