Athletic Apparel - Joggers

Jogger Pants Raise your hand if you are ready for a more relaxed athletic style.

Skinny jeans, skinny pants, skinny athleisure wear has been the name of the game for years. Every fall I've thought, "maybe this is the autumn of our discontent regarding skinny pants."

Only to have that thought echo into the deep, dark void that is fashion.

But this year, friends. This year we are seeing a more relaxed silhouette. I first noticed it in jeans, but then Momma Mo (aka my Mom) mentioned that athletic clothing was looking more relaxed, too.

Relaxed Athletic Wear Style

Momma Mo is a runner and an all-around badass. She was online searching for a brightly-colored pair of running pants and discovered, to her surprise, that everything was looser.

Like, late-80's / early 90's looser.

To clarify: I didn't mind skinny pants. I just wished there was variation on the market so I could mix and match styles. Retail went through a number of years where it was impossible to find non-skinny jeans for clients. It was so stinky to say, "Well, if you want a relaxed jean we are going to have to go to a consignment store because it's all tight all the time right now."

Then the client would look at me and wonder, "Wait, you don't control what is in stores?"

And, I would have to say, "Not yet, friend. Not yet."

I digress.

When it came to athleisure I also didn't mind the oh-so-tight athletic / yoga pant look. That product made me feel all sucked in and safe before going and sweating like a waterfall in the gym.

But, having a relaxed option is a nice change of pace, no? Looser jogging pants say, "Hey, why not go for a jog on a crisp, fall day?"

They also say, "Hey, why not sit on the couch and binge watch Mr. Robot?"

Both options mean we are living life right.

Product Breakdown 

  1. Nike Rally Jogger Women's Sweatpants, $65
  2. PacSun Drop Skinny Drawstring Pants, $55
  3. Athleta Women La Viva Capri, $69
  4. Love 21 Women's Contemporary Drawstring Denim Joggers, $23 
  5. Studio Cinch-Leg Pants, $54.95