Beauty DIY: The One that Didn't Work (But I love)

Beachy Waves - The DIY That Failed  This summer I was reading an article in Allure that proposed a simple DIY for beachy waves. Think about the textured hair you get after a day near the ocean. Your tresses are messy, but full of sunshine and salt.

There are a ton of products that will give you that perfect day-at-the-beach look. Two of my favorites are Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and the budget-friendly Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (whew, that's a long name). BUT, the Allure article suggested that there was a simple DIY approach to the same product:

As for how real surf girls do it? 'I mix seawater and a few drops of lavender oil (to make a sea-salt spray),' says swimwear designer Tori Praver. 'The oil keeps the salt from making my hair crunchy.'

PERFECT. My parents live near the ocean and they were headed to DC for a quick visit. When Mom asked if I needed anything from home I said, "A bunch of ocean water." Bless my Mom. She has witnessed / participated in enough of my creative hijinks that she just rolled with it.

When she arrived in DC she presented me with an OJ bottle full of seawater. YASSSS.

Now, let's back up for a minute and talk about the concept of wavy hair. I've always had pin-straight locks. It's genetic. My hair doesn't take curl (in the winter when there is 0% humidity it will hold for a few hours). I experienced natural waves once when visiting Guatemala. To my absolute surprise I had some serious body in my hair during that vacation. I'm guessing it had something to do with the water. Fact: I have fun hair in Guatemala, guys. (Who knew?)

Back to the ocean water.

I ordered lavender essential oil from an Etsy seller called Bath Body Soul. This decision was part of a larger intention to order household items from independent people whenever possible. It meant waiting for a few days for the product to arrive in the mail.

In the meantime the bottle of ocean water was hanging around the house. Which is why it ended up looking like this:

Ocean Water - Don't Drink

I put it in my fridge and was concerned that someone might drink it by accident. Thus, the cheeky message "OCEAN WATER Don't Drink F*&%ers!" Which, now that I look back, sounds aggressive. But, we have a house where friends are encouraged to go into the refrigerator without asking. I didn't want someone to pour a glass by accident (thinking it was filtered water) and get sick. I knew if I could make people laugh they would pause before grabbing the bottle.

The last thing you want is a big gulp of salt water when you aren't expecting it.

So far this sign has worked. People open the refrigerator and laugh.

My essential oil arrived....

Lavender Essential Oil

...and, I purchased a mini-spray bottle from CVS.

Beauty DIY Fail - Beachy Waves

I put a few drops of the essential oil into the ocean water, sprayed my hair....

and nothing.

Nothing happened.

No waves. No increased body. Nothing, nada, zero.

But, it smelled so good. Refreshingly, beautifully good.

I've tried this product for weeks. Some days I leave it in my hair to air dry. Some days I blow dry my hair. I've put it on my roots, I've sprayed it throughout my hair.

My hair is still straight as a board.

Perhaps if I had different hair texture this experiment would be successful. It's okay, though. It feels like a small luxury to experience the sea and lavender on a daily basis. I will continue to use it - at least through the end of the summer - because it is so enjoyable.

What about you? Have you ever used sea salt spray? Have you ever tried a beauty DIY that completely tanked? Do tell! I would still recommend this simple project because the result is so refreshing!