Miss Dior Illustration

My Favorite Perfume I have a few favorite scents.

For the past few years, my heart (and nose) has been all about Miss Dior.

It smells like romance and cotton candy. Every time I put it on I think about visiting a French circus while eating spun sugar.

Now that I write that down I realize that it's a bizarre notion. But, trust me, it works in my head. (Really. I'm not crazy. Right? RIGHT?!)

Miss Dior Illustration You might be asking yourself, what are those numbers in the left corner?

No idea.

This is a sketch I did a long time ago in the Paper App and rediscovered. My guess is that I was playing around with the drawing, heard something important, and thought, "I will need those numbers later," and wrote them down.

I just sent an email to my husband to ask if the numbers are ringing any bells. Are we about to give away the code to a treasure that we buried and I forgot about? Entirely possible.

Until I figure out what those numbers mean, though, feel free to use them for playing lotto.

Back to perfume.

I've always loved Miss Dior, but am thinking about switching to a deeper fragrance for the fall and winter. In my early 20's I was all about Hypnotic Poison.

Hypnotic Poison Dior PerfumeOh, how I love this scent. It's deep and mysterious...and has the WORST name ever. Every time someone asked what I was wearing I found myself mumbling its name, hoping the other person would forget the question. Inevitably the response would be, "What? You are wearing what?" Thus, making me make say the name even louder. HYPNOTIC POISON, okay?

It's a name that takes itself so seriously, whereas I am a person that doesn't take herself so seriously. Thus, the whole "this perfume is sexy and mesmerizing," thing doesn't work with the reality of me literally running into walls on a daily basis.

But, it is a remarkable scent.

And you? What do you wear? Do you find yourself changing perfumes from spring/summer to fall/winter? Or, do you find yourself switching for different parts of your life? Do tell! Leave a comment below.