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Vivienne Westwood Rides in a Tank

Yup, this fashion powerhouse decided to ride a tank through the Prime Minister's neighborhood in order to protest fracking. I'll give it to Westwood - she knows how to make an entrance.

Libertine Gets Burned by UPS

Libertine designer Johnson Hartig lived out a fashion horror story when two boxes of his designs were lost by UPS. The boxes contained 30 pieces of apparel that were supposed to be part of his NYFW runway show. Worst. Day. Evah.

Ikea Product Names

Ever wonder how those Ikea products got their names? Well, there is a method to the madness!

Also, this is my favorite instance of Ikea in pop culture. Liz Lemon (aka Tina Fey) has an Ikea product named "Blerg" - one of her catchphrases. Brilliant.

Liz Lemon's Blerg Ikea Furniture

Macy's + Best Buy = BFF

This holiday season Macy's is ensuring a streamlined shopping experience. They are teaming up with Best Buy to have a mini-tech shop within 10 of their department stores.

Zara is Making Stacks on Stacks

Zara's parent company, Inditex, earned over $1billion in the last six months. Six months, ya'll.

Gen Z's Fashion

The New York Times came out with a big article about Gen Z's fashion sense. The quick version: the lines between male and female fashion are blurring and everyone is wearing everything.

Ralph Lauren Stepping Down

The biggest fashion news story of this week = Ralph Lauren is stepping down from his fashion empire. Surprise! Stefan Larsson (former H&M executive / president of Old Navy) is taking his place. (This story came out yesterday, thus isn't part of this episode of our podcast.) Ah, Ralph. The Polo shirts in my wardrobe salute you.

Finally, today is International Podcast day! 

International Podcast Day 2015Celebrate by listening to your favorite podcast, trying out a new one, or tweeting to your favorite podcasters. Use the hashtag #PodcastDay.

Here are some of my favorites (besides Pop Fashion!). Warning: I'm a podcast junkie.

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  • You Big Dumb Idiot
  • Women of Uncertain Age
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  • WTF
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  • I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast
  • Plz Advise
  • The Read
  • How Did This Get Made?
  • How Was Your Week?

What's your favorite fashion news story of the week? How about your favorite podcast? Do tell!