Layering For Fall

Layering a Shirt Dress Yesterday was all about the sweater dress, but today I wanted to focus on layering a shirt dress.

I haven't switched my closet to fall clothes yet. Why? Because I took a poll on the Internet.

I tweeted out this question on September 13th:

Poll for East Coasters: Think it's time to put away summer apparel? Or, is the weather tricking us & will again be the 5th ring of Hades?

The answers that came back were in agreement:

Twitter Comments

Twitter Comment 2

Just for the record - all of these ladies are extremely smart. I trust them.

I'm looking for hybrid answers even though my closet remains covered in sun-soaked, bright florals.

One trick for in-between-season weather is to layer. An easy way to accomplish a quick layer is to put a T-shirt over a shirt dress. Like so:

How to Layer a Shirt Dress for Fall

This look isn't for everyone. Some people will be put off immediately. But, I tend to like the sharpness of a collar peeking out of a scoop neck. I also like to reimagine the things I already own. So, I'm down with this look.

A word about belts. When a dress comes with a belt I immediately separate it and place it with the rest of my accessories. Rarely do I match a belt with its intended counterpart. But, in a situation like this a matchy-matchy belt can bring things together.

Instead of tying the belt in a bow I made sure it stayed in place by using my grandfather's tie pin from the 1940's. Wearing my grandfather's tie pin is my favorite part of this outfit. I love having it on me.

How do you layer for the fall? Do tell!