Transitional Outfits: From Summer to Fall

Transitional Seasonal Clothing The last few weeks of August in DC were brutal. To quote a friend, "It felt like we were living in a dog's mouth."

DC was literally built on a swamp, thus each summer we go through a period of time that is equivalent to the 5th ring of Dante's Inferno.

But, then there comes a day. A day so blissfully welcome that the light breeze becomes a kiss. The humidity falls and we find ourselves in the middle of autumn.

(DC does fall very well.)

I always look for clothes that can transition this period. It can feel cool in the morning and warm by afternoon. Thus, I keep an eye out for dresses like the one below when shopping.

Transitional Season Clothing -Green Bow OutfitIt's a skater dress with a 3/4 sleeve - which means the ensemble doesn't get too hot or too cold.

Also, I can easily add stockings and / or a blazer, which translates to easy layering as weather evolves. Items can be stripped mid-day to correspond to my comfort level.

Easy peasy outfit creation and deconstruction.

Two other things:

1. I purchased this dress at a consignment store. I highly recommend consignment shopping - it's a way to find a myriad of styles in one place.

2. I had to show you this photo outtake -

Green Outfit Outtake

Because this is very representative of my actual personality.

I'm totally willing to admit that I'm a big dork.

What do you wear to transition seasons? Any tips or tricks? Do tell!