OOTD - Pattern Play

Easy Dress on a Hot Day

It's a hundred and twenty degrees out with two hundred percent humidity because this is a stupid swamp town. - Leslie Knope talking about DC

Guys, I know I talk about the weather constantly, but I can't help it. Weather is closely related to how I pull together an outfit. Right now I'm picking out anything that feels at least somewhat breezy and pulled together.

But, honestly, if you take the time to get dressed up and do anything on days with 100% humidity I think you should earn a badge. It would say something like this:

"YOU DID IT!! You got dressed even when it is completely UNBEARABLE outside! Good job!"

Sometimes I think we should get badges for just adulting.

At any rate -

Outfit of the Day - Pattern Dress

Here's my outfit of the day! I love anything that can be put on in 2 seconds. People automatically put dresses in a "dressy = fussy" category. However, sometimes it is the easiest solution around. Pull it on, zip it up, and you are out of the door in two seconds.


This one is a thrifted new purchase, and I'm loving it's playful pattern. It's a bit easier to see close up:

Outfit of the Day - Pattern Close Up

It's just a fun summer ensemble.

Outfit of the Day - Pattern Play

How about you? Is it hot where you live? What are you doing to keep cool?