Outfit of the Day - Coral Love

Does This Look Like a Vintage Bathing Suit to You?  When you own enough brightly-colored clothing (especially in variations of pink), some of it is inevitably going to match. I thrifted this skirt a number of years ago. The top became part of my wardrobe last year.

Coral Vintage Inspired Outfit of the Day

The corals are perfectly color matched, so I decided to try it as an outfit. (As a person who loves studying color theory and color story, this made me very happy. In other words, I'm a big dork.)

It's a quirky outfit, and the outcome reminded me of the silhouette of bathing suits from the 1900's.

Image: Library of Congress LC-DIG-ggbain-01346

Image: Library of Congress LC-USZ62-100442-1898

Are you guys seeing this, too? Or, am I making it up?

I would typically pair a full skirt with a fitted top, but I couldn't resist this navy/coral/bow pairing. It's just fun to try different outfit combinations with clothes that are already in my closet! I highly recommend it.