DIY Wardrobe Helper: Button Book

Button Book DIY Many apparel items come with extra buttons. The thing about extra buttons, though, is that they are a nuisance to keep up with, especially if you don't sew. When you pop a button you need a replacement one pronto, otherwise that shirt / dress / skirt will remain in your closet unused for years.

Enter the Button Book! It's a simple way to keep track of the extra buttons that come with your clothes.

You just need a photo album that has a) pockets b) space to write information.

I picked this one up at Marshall's for $7.

DIY Button BookHow cute is it that the cover talks about little things?

The inside of the book was exactly what I was looking for - pockets and room for a description on the side.

DIY Button Book Wardrobe Helper

I gathered up all my extra buttons:

DIY Button Book Wardrobe Helper


DIY Button Book Wardrobe Helper

Put buttons in pockets and wrote the name / a description of the item on the side.

DIY Button Book Wardrobe HelperThis project makes life easier. When you purchase a new outfit just throw those extras (buttons / thread) in the album and everything is waiting there whenever you need it. In the meantime it will look nice and tidy sitting on a bookshelf.

DIY Button Book Wardrobe Helper

I've made Button Books as gifts when I didn't have a lot of money. If you keep an eye out for photo albums at your local thrift store this gift can sometimes be made for as little as $1.

Most of all, I like anything that encourages us to take care of our clothes. That way we don't have a purchase-and-discard mentality. If something is an easy fix, let's fix it! You don't need a lot of skill. Sometimes you just need to put your hands on that extra button.

Have you ever heard of a Button Book? Do tell!