Outfit of the Day - Thrifted Florals

Thrifting for Floral Finds I always consider thrift shopping a big treasure hunt. You never know what you are going to find, and sometimes you strike gold.

I fell in love with this wild, floral print maxi.

Outfit of the Day - Thrifting For Deals

Annnnd, it was only $1.

Thrifting always expands my style and keeps me on budget. Those are two things that I can definitely get behind.

I think this dress was only $1 because it is very unlike what people normally wear in DC. It isn't that wild - it has a boho vibe, but is still very wearable. But, you don't see too many people wearing large, bright prints here. That's where experimentation and taking risks can make a big difference!

The necklace is actually a belt. I couldn't resist the feathers, and it called to me after I put on the dress.

Do you thrift in order to stretch your style? Do tell.