Outfit of the Day - Hawaiian Skirt

Hawaiian Shirt? Try Hawaiian Skirt  This skirt is thrifted, and I fell in love with the Hawaiian-style print. It is just a floral design, but it did inspire me to do some research on Hawaiian prints. (Thus proving, again, that fashion consultants are big dorks.)

Did you know Hawaiian shirts;

  • Are really called Aloha shirts
  • Are the #1 textile export of Hawaii
  • When they are manufactured for locals they are considered formal wear and are the equivalent of wearing a shirt, jacket, and tie

BAM! Knowledge.

Outfit of the Day - Hawaiian Shirt InspiredI like wearing printed skirts because it translates to an outfit in a streamlined way. Different colors can go on top, and wearing bright prints feels like being on vacation.

Isn't it great when clothes make us feel like we are on vacation?