Outfit of the Day - Mix & Match Graphic with Stripes

Unexpected Outfit Combinations  I love this angel wing top. It's made out of a cotton that is surprisingly delicate and soft.

I paired it with a striped skirt because it makes me happy. That's it. There's no particular fashion rule that I applied.

There is some outfit cohesiveness because the print of the wing is brown and the stripe in the skirt is a mocha color. Beyond that I paired it for the simple reason that I thought it was fun.

Outfit of the Day - Mixing Stripes and a Graphic T-ShirtFashion does have guidelines. But, the fun thing about style is that you make it your own.

Outfit of the Day - Angel Wing T-Shirt

Do you wear outfits that make you happy? Do you go by how your artistic eye is leading you in the morning? Do tell!