Outfit of the Day - Polka Dots & Lace

Mixing & Matching Different Fabrics I might be on a bit of a polka dot kick. Today I opened my closet and this peachy polka dot skirt was the thing that made my heart sing. (And, yes, a wardrobe can make your heart sing! It's not 100% necessary for living life, but it does make life easier and more fun!)

Fashion Mixing and Matching FabricsI wanted to build an outfit that was a) cool because it is starting to get WARM in DC and b) a bit unexpected. I love to mix and match different types of fabrics. This creamy top complements the skirt's hue, but it has a different fabric texture that adds visual interest.

When I work with clients I often find that they want things to match perfectly. The colors have to be the same, or the pattern, or the accessories have to perfectly go with the ensemble. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! BUT, it can also limit the way you think of your wardrobe. Most people have many, many outfit combinations just sitting in their closets waiting to be discovered.

So, how do you make those discoveries? You experiment. You play around. You realize it isn't the end of the world if you don't get things 100% correct. It's just one outfit on one day! If it doesn't work try something else tomorrow. If you are a little timid about mixing and matching try a new combination on a weekend. The risk is much lower, and you may find that your idea totally works. If it doesn't, don't worry about it. Change into some PJ's when you get home and know that you tried something new. Easy peasy.

Do  you try out new combinations of clothes in your closet? Do tell.