Outfit of the Day - April Showers

Trench Coat as a Wardrobe Basic  Do you have a good trench coat in your wardrobe? I highly recommend one. You don't have to go with a classic trench if it isn't your style, but instead get one that speaks to you / makes you happy / makes you feel good when you put it on. It makes rainy days much more fun.

Classic Trench Coat - Fashion Wardrobe Basic


I lucked out and found this trench at a thrift store, but I changed out the belt to a rosette from Anthropologie. In fact, I typically switch out belts - if a jacket / dress / top comes with one the first thing I do is take it off. I find that it gives me many more mix and match options. (And, if I ever change my mind and want to go with the original belt that's a-okay! It is waiting for me in my closet.) This belt makes the coat feel much more personal and feminine.

Once you find a good trench it can last you ages. If you purchase one that has good stitching, lining, and is made out of a solid material it can last you a decade or more. It is a one time purchase, and a problem - solving one at that!  So, buy one you love!

It isn't raining right now in DC, but by this afternoon we should see some showers. I will be out running errands for a number of hours, so I wanted to make sure to prep correctly.

It's the last day of April, so I have that little rhyme in my head, "April showers bring May flowers." Here's to the end of a busy month (and onward to the adventures of May!).

Do you own a great raincoat? Do tell!