Outfit of the Day - Jumpsuit Love

21 Jump (Street) Suit  Have you tried the jumpsuit trend? I'm loving it.

Jumpsuit Fashion TrendThey are amazingly comfortable and just plain fun.

I lucked out by finding one at a thrift store. That's one reason I recommend thrifting - it's a way to try out trends without having to throw down tons of money. I also believe in giving clothes back. My wardrobe one big cycle - an art project - where items always coming in and going out.

Jumpsuit Fashion Trend

I wore a bandeau underneath, which is an item I recommend as a wardrobe staple. This particular one has lace on one side and is flat black on the other. It's an excellent layering item and can cover you up if a top dips down too low. A jumpsuit with a front zipper = I'm not taking any chances that it becomes unzipped. The bandeau means that I'm not constantly looking down or worried that the zipper is going to get testy. This one from Amazon is similar to the one I'm wearing.

Do you own any jumpsuits? What do you think of the trend? Do tell!