Outfit of the Day - How to Dress Like Margot Tenenbaum

Channeling Margot Tenenbaum  I'm about to put my winter coats away for the year, but I wanted one last faux fur moment. So, I decided to have a  "Dress Like Margot Tenenbaum" day.

How much do we love Margot? She is a secretive playwright who has a deadpan way of talking.

How to Dress Like Margot Tenenbaum

Her look is so much fun to imitate. Though, I must admit that Margot has a seriousness that is a bit out of my range. I'm naturally silly, so trying to take a straightforward photo was a bit of a stretch. I kept laughing in-between shots. Ha!

How to Dress Like Margot Tenenbaum

I purchased this, "I've Always Wanted to be a Tenenbaum" necklace a couple of years ago and love to break it out now and then. (It's from Sleepy Mountain on Etsy.) Royal Tenenbaum fans are always up for discussing the film.

Do you have a favorite Tenenbaum? Or, have you ever decided to dress like a character for a day? Do tell!