Outfit of the Day - Transition Weather Clothes

What to Wear When the Weather Changes From Winter to Spring Spring is such a tricky time when it comes to clothes. Yesterday when I was running around DC I noticed people wearing everything from shorts to winter jackets. Mornings can be cool and then temperatures can jump 10 or 20 degrees by mid-afternoon! What's a gal to do?

One answer - layers!

What to Wear When the Weather Changes

This is one of my favorite combinations, and it works like an equation:

Liquid Leggings + Dress (+ Cardigan or Jacket if it is Cold in the Morning)

With this outfit you are dressed for the coolest part of your day and still have the option of taking off layers. If it gets hot you can go to the bathroom and take off the liquid leggings and still look very pulled together. If it gets even warmer - take off the cardigan / jacket.

If you haven't heard of liquid leggings I HIGHLY recommend them. I lived in them this winter. They are such a great layer for warmth and they look completely badass.

Sidenote - it's hard to tell in these photos, but the dress is a small apple print. It makes me happy every time I wear it!

What do you wear when the weather is in that in-between stage? Do tell!