Outfit of the Day - How to Wear a Bright Skirt

How to Wear & Pair a Bright Piece of Apparel  This maxi skirt is one of my favorite pieces - especially when we are going through a change of seasons. It is BRIGHT pink. Like, you can see it from blocks away pink.

How to Pair a Bright Skirt

I've found that clients have lots of questions when it comes to wearing bright colors. Many times the question is, "how could I possibly wear this?" One answer is to pair it with chambray.

Chambray makes an outfit approachable and appropriate. Remember that jean (or a jean color) can go with everything, so pair it with those brights!

How to Wear a Bright SkirtThe necklace is from Kalos and Company - one of my favorite places to get accessories. My friend and mentor, Dana, is the powerhouse jewelry designer behind the brand. I love this necklace because it is sweet and dainty and balances out my statement skirt. You can find Dana's beautiful designs here.

How do you like to pair bright clothing? Do tell!