Outfit of the Day - The Best Travel Pants Ever

The Most Comfortable Pants to Travel In These pants are perfect for travel. They are incredibly soft and fold up into a small rectangle - perfect for shoving into a suitcase or tote. I particularly love them for plane travel because they look dressy but feel like PJ's. (Look dressy but feel like PJ's = my favorite category of clothing.)

Outfit of the Day - The Best Travel PantsYou can wear them full, but I like to tie a knot at the bottom. It just gives them another silhouette that is a bit funkier.

Outfit of the Day - Best Pants to Travel In

I got this pair at Gossip on 23rd - one of my favorite boutiques in the DC area. I have found them at other independent stores, so keep an eye out if you are looking for a similar product! (A company called Final Touch makes another pair that I own.)

Do you have a favorite travel outfit? Do tell!