Outfit of the Day - Military Style

#OOTD or #WIWT The weather is finally changing!

The winter dragged on for so long - I was cold for five months. Thank goodness we landed in the middle of springtime. DC in spring is special because all of the cherry blossom trees bloom. (I was walking home on Saturday and gusts of wind picked up the petals on the trees and it was literally RAINING FLOWERS. I felt like I was in the middle of a fairy tale!)

I love this dress because a) it was a thrift store find and b) it's perfect for layering. As a tip - if you have a dress that buttons (or snaps) all the way down always ask yourself, "what can I put under or over this dress to make a new outfit?" For today, though, I wore this dress as-is minus all the layering.

Military Dress Outfit of the Day That ruffle detail at the top is just darling.

Outfit of the Day Military Dress

This dress is 100% cotton. The upside - the material is breathable and won't trap heat. The downside - I steamed out the dress, put it on, and it still looks a bit wrinkled. Totally worth it, though, on a day like today!

What are you doing to celebrate the spring? Do tell!