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Lupita Nyong'o's Dress Found

Lupita's pearl-laden Calvin Klein dress was stolen right after the Oscars and then found a few days later in a hotel bathroom. Fashion crime is always fascinating and weird.

Gap's New Creative Director & A Fab Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show

Remember when - way back a few weeks ago - Gap said that they weren't going to replace Creative Director Rebekka Bay? Welp, they just replaced Rebekka Bay. Wendi Goldman is joining the Gap team as the Executive Vice President of Product Design and Development.

Dolce & Gabbana brought their A-game to Milan Fashion Week. They produced a runway show that honored Moms and it turned out to be an inspiring event.

SEC & Alibaba 

In international fashion news, the SEC wants to chat with Alibaba. Turns out they aren't so happy that Alibaba is selling fake goods on their websites. Aaaaaannnnnd China had a little chat with the company about this exact situation before Alibaba went public. A pesky rule states that you have to disclose information and possible illegal activities before you go public. Alibaba had the largest global IPO in history, so this selling (ALLEGED) fakes thing is a big deal. We will see what happens.

Tourism in Europe

Tourism is going bizonkers in Europe. Specifically, American and Chinese tourists have been flooding Europe because the entire continent is having a fire sale. Kind of. The dollar is just really strong right now. And, as it turns out, it is cheaper for the Chinese to purchase things in Europe than it is to buy items in their home country. What does this mean? It means that tourists are buying luxury goods like they are going out of style.

Side note: a large department store in England just put a "worship space" in one of their locations. It is a set-aside spot for people to practice their religious activities so they don't have to leave the store. Is this the start of a new trend?!?

Another side note: Usually I would link to the website where I found the original article. This one is behind a firewall. However, there are a smattering of reports on the increase in tourism and spending, including this one that states that Chinese tourists are expected to spend $264 billion by 2019.

Clutter Clutter Clutter Rockin' Everywhere

Our main topic was about clutter! Do we really need to unclutter our homes in order to find joy? Or, is it wiser to make do with what we have and not get rid of anything? Lisa and I explored the ties between the objects in our lives and how our families handled money growing up. There is a connection!

Do you own your stuff or does it own you?

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