Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted  Have you ever listened to Dr. Joy Browne? She is a a psychologist who has a radio show (and now a podcast!). I've been listening to her for years, and about ten years ago I heard her say, "Ask for what you need. You might not get it, but you will get a lot closer than if you keep your mouth shut."

Challenge Ask for what You NeedThose words have always stayed with me. Sometimes we assume the people we love should know what we need. That, because we love them, they automatically should know how to make us happy.

I think this holds true in professional situations. We do a lot of assuming that people at work understand our point of view / drive / desire to move forward in a career.

People aren't mind readers! It helps sometimes to spell things out. And, that's not because we are surrounded by nincompoops - it's just that life is life and everyone has 1,000 things going on.

Over the years I've gotten better at asking for what I need. I don't always get what I want. But, I've found that most of the time it at least opens up a dialogue between myself and someone else.

Ask for what you need today. See what happens.