Challenge for Today

Challenge Accepted The challenge for today is a mini exercise in letting go. Somewhere in your closet you have something that doesn't work anymore, but could help someone else through this winter. Even if you can't go out and donate that piece today, pull it out and put it by your front door so you can donate it within the next week.

Donate 1 Sweater Challenge

When I conduct a Wardrobe Edit in a client's closet it is about fashion, but it is also about the process of letting go. The client goes through years (sometimes decades!) of clothing and decides what to keep and what to pass on to another person. It is sometimes a hard process, but you know what happens at the end? A sense of relief. A sense of accomplishment. A feeling of being unburdened.

Letting go is a tough process. But, I don't think that we always miss out when we let go. In the case of the sweater - someone else will gain as we let go. What a great metaphor for our lives. If we let go of our "stuff" (literal or figurative) what could we possibly gain in its place? What could other people gain?