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   Non-Hair Beauty Trend & Is Etsy Becoming eBay? 

In "say what?" news, Lands' End hired the CEO of Dolce & Gabbana. If it sounds like an odd pairing that's because it is. The best part of the story? The CEO is moving from New York City to Wisconsin. Can someone say reality show in the making?

The director of Arcade Fire's, "We Exist," showed up on the red carpet in heels and looked freaking fantastic.

The lovely Diane von Furstenberg wrote a letter to remind designers to hire healthy models of different races during New York Fashion Week. (Does this need to be said in 2015? Apparently it does.)

In beauty news, non-hair is having a moment. What is non-hair? It's wearing your hair as-is without product (kinda like the #wokeuplikethis movement). The questionable part is that "non-hair" is defined as straight hair with a little wave on the ends. You have to either be born that way or have a pretty good stylist to achieve that look. And, it kinda leaves out EVERY OTHER PERSON who doesn't have straight hair.

DC's own bluemercury was sold to Macy's for about a gazillion dollars.

Artisans are starting to worry that Etsy is becoming the next eBay. One Etsy seller started a campaign to buy $1.5 million worth of shares of their upcoming IPO.

Extreme Management Styles

Zappos was used as an example of a new, extreme management style. If you have never read about their ideas behind Holacracy I highly suggest you do so. It's wild. In a nutshell - no job titles /  no managers / no hierarchy. Will this succeed?

Lisa and I used this as a jumping off point to talk about our own management styles. Even as freelancers we still manage ourselves, so are we good managers?

And, we eventually come around to talking about Machiavelli. This is probably the only fashion podcast you will ever listen to that mentions Machiavelli. Ha!

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