5 New York Fashion Week Trends for Fall 2015

5 Fall 2015 Trends (So Far)  Ahhh....New York Fashion Week. It's like the Super Bowl for those that love fashion. Except it's longer, there are more tears, and there's much more money involved. (*More on this later)

New York City Fashion Week Fall 2015 Pinterest

It's also the best way to figure out trends we will see IRL. It takes about 9 months for looks to translate from the runway into what people wear in daily life. Except if you are one of the few who can buy it right off the model's back. But, since that's not most of us, let's check into 5 trends that are headed to a closet near you...

1. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are back in a BIG way, ya'll. Fall 2015 has said, "you know those necks everyone has been sporting? Let's cover those suckers up!" The good news about this trend - it is built for cold weather and is a practical thing that most people can wear and afford. The bad news about this trend - it's very easy to go crazy over this style and buy one in each color and wear them for decades.

Here are some examples of turtlenecks on the runway! (And, I don't own the rights to these suckers, or I would put them on my blog directly. Instead, I will send you straight to the source.)

Victoria Beckham Collection DKNY Collection Derek Lam Collection Altuzarra Collection  ...and, honestly, there were so many of them I could go on and on. But, that will get you started.

2. Fur

Fur is still around. In some cases it's faux, in some it is real.  Fur is being shown in the usual browns and blacks, but just like Fall 2014 fur is also showing up in bright, surprising colors.

Here's the thing about fur - it always surprises me to see it on the runway. Some years there is a heckuva lot of commotion when it appears, and other years people are okay with it. I've never understood this dramatic back and forth and how wildly the pendulum of public opinion swings.

Here are some examples:

Tibi Collection Diane von Furstenberg Collection Custo Barcelona Collection Hood by Air Collection 

While I'm internally divided on how I feel about wearing fur, it is nice to see a warm fabric on the runway. Seriously. I know how silly that sounds, but some years we get to fall and winter collections and I'm like, "where do these people live?" It drives me nuts when fall clothes are all sleeveless dresses and short skirts. LET'S BE FASHIONABLE ANNNNND WARM, okay? They don't have to be mutually exclusive.

3. Pants with a Higher Waist / Cut-Off Bottom

I'm not sure what to do with pants this year. So, two things are happening - a) pants are sitting closer to the natural waist and b) they are cutting off at the ankle (or higher). It's like everything moved up two inches. Sometimes both of these trends are happening on the same pant, sometimes not.

Examples (Mix of High Rise / Cropped / Sometimes Both):

Derek Lam Collection Alexander Wang Collection  Misha Nonoo Collection Carmen Marc Valvo Collection Banana Republic Collection 

4. Mix & Match Patterns

If you want to try your hand at crazy pattern matching, Fall 2015 is the season to do it. The pattern combinations are sometimes dizzying, but overall they are refreshing and visually interesting. Stripes on stripes on stripes. Circles with swirls. Tops going one way bottoms going another. It's done in a casual, "I just rolled out of bed and put this on," type of way, which makes it perfect for the adventurous sartorialist.


Thakoon Collection Novis Collection Desigual Collection Dennis Basso Collection Diane von Furstenberg Collection

5. Boxy Coats

Designers are playing with proportions again, and this year we are seeing lots of boxy coats. In some cases the outerwear is taking the idea of "boxy" to literal measures. The VFiles Collection has men's coats that look like squares. In other cases, like Rachel Comey, the jackets are a bit more translatable to office life. The coats are either chopped a bit short or the shoulder is more defined, but overall boxy outerwear looks like it is having a moment.


Public School Collection VFiles Collection Polo Ralph Lauren Collection  Tome Collection

Trends can evolve as fashion week continues and we receive more information. But, for right now these are the ones that are noteworthy.

*That thing about the Super Bowl. A report recently came out that New York Fashion Week generates $900 million annually for NYC. This is more than last year's Super Bowl (in neighboring New Jersey), which generated $500 million. 

For more New York Fashion Week 2015 trends, check out my Pinterest board. It's like a cheat sheet to all the shows!

What's your favorite trend for Fall 2015? Do tell!