New York Fashion Week Fall 2015

NYFW: A Quick Cheat Sheet The great thing about New York Fashion Week is that you don't have to be there to enjoy it! Technology has placed all of us in the frow (front row). In fact, many fashion editors skip the whole ordeal and watch the runway shows online instead!

I'm making a NYFW Cheat Sheet of sorts - I've created a board on Pinterest and am going through the shows and pinning the most iconic looks. (The good, the bad, and the ugly.) If you don't want to go through thousands of pictures / don't have the time to sit through the shows online just give me a follow.

Here is the link:

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Cheat Sheet

Pinterest is an amazing tool for understanding runway shows. It's the quickest way to discover patterns and look for themes. It also gives me insights into upcoming trends. It can be hard to discover a through line for a particular season, but viewing different designers grouped together gives me a sense of the whole.

The board will evolve as Fashion Week goes on. So, pop in when you can to see bits & pieces of the latest fashions!

If you would rather go through the shows one by one, I particularly like The Cut's coverage and would recommend starting there.