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Pop Fashion Podcast

 America's Retail Deathwatch 

Every store you know is closing (continued)....This past week it was Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade. (Caveat - Kate Spade Saturday MIGHT be folded into Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade will continue to to sell online.)

Another closing - Bonne Bell. You know, that store that sells all your favorite Lip Smackers. BAH! What's a 90's baby to do?

Another closing - Jones New York INCLUDING their wholesale operations.

Fashion Leadership Changes

Another shakeup - Chip Wilson stepped down from Lululemon's board. I'm shocked it took this long. He had a history of highly offensive and bizarre comments.

Aaaaaaand Gap fired Creative Director Rebekka Bay. Gap hasn't been doing so well with their "Dress Normal" campaign and sales have been tanking.

 America's Luxury Fashion Growth 

In the middle of Retail Deathwatch 2015 a curious thing is happening. Fashion brands are looking to expand to the United States. What is going on here? Why are mid-range lines struggling and luxury brands going like gangbusters? No, seriously, if anyone can explain this to me I would love to understand it.

Fashion Technology News is On Point 

There are some seriously cool fashion tech stories out this week. Turns out Tommy Hilfiger is completely revamping the idea of the showroom. His concept - let's stop producing samples and do everything digitally. It was only a matter of time, but who knew Mr. Hilfiger would be the guy leading the revolution?

You might know that fashion has a problem with forgeries. This is why you can buy a "designer" bag on a New York City street corner for $45. Welllll....designers are trying intricate ways of manipulating fabrics so they can't be replicated. Yup, technology is advancing fabric. It's completely fascinating, and you can read more about it here.

Responsibility in Business

Our main topic was about responsibility in business! What do we expect when dealing with businesses? Are those expectations too high or too low? And, can business practices translate into our lives?

On the personal side, here are 6 charts that explain late, flaky people. These graphs are totally worth your time. You might recognize yourself or someone you love who drives you crazy.

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