Valentine's Day Gifts For Guys

10 Gifts for the (non-romantic) Valentine in Your Life Valentine's Day is fast approaching! People usually go one of two ways with this holiday:

1. They are super excited to celebrate and have high romantic expectations.

2. They hate on it and call it a corporate holiday.

I would like to introduce a 3rd take on it. Instead of the day being about smoochy romance or hating it with the heat of 1,000 suns, why don't we just use it as a way to say, "hey, you are a nice person and I like you?"

THUS, I would like to present 10 Valentine's Day gift options for the non-romantic guy in your life. It can be for your dad, uncle, cousin, the cool kid down the street....whoever you would like to celebrate. I wanted to focus on gifts for guys because, let's face it, finding a presents for this holiday outside of roses and chocolate can be challenging. (Although, guys can like that stuff, too. And, if your non-romantic Valentine would prefer that stuff go for it!)

Small note - I'm not getting money if you purchase things through these links. Although that would have been smart of me. I just think these are fun ideas!

In no particular order....

10 Valentine's Gifts for the Non-Romantic Guy In Your Life!!

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm ($14.50)

Honest Amish Beard BalmThe Amish know their beards. This balm is made from natural ingredients and will condition / repair your facial hair while encouraging new growth. My husband received this as a gift over the holidays and absolutely loves it. Find it here.

2. Wolverine Print ($7.93)

Wolverine Print

Wolverine is printed on vintage dictionary paper by Greetings from Collingwood on Etsy. Why Wolverine? He's awesome. Find the print here.

3.  "Extra Pulp" Pulp Fiction T-Shirt (On sale for $9.95)

Extra Pulp Pulp Fiction T-Shirt Threadless always has the best t-shirts. Their artists are so clever!  If you are interested in this Pulp Fiction parody you might want to pick it up sooner rather than later - their sale items tend to go fast. Find it here.

4. Star Wars Rebel Logo Mug ($7.99)

Star Wars Rebel Logo MugMoment of truth: I don't know anything about Star Wars. But, I know enough to understand that this coffee mug is seriously cool. Find it here.

Side note: I'm going to say this before I get too much further - these gifts are great for girls, too.

Moving on....

5. The Original Bacon Kit ($22)

The Original Bacon Kit

In the immortal words of Ron Swanson, "Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have..." Give the gift of curing your own bacon from Sur la Table. Find it here.

6. Bill Murray Collage ($63.00)

Bill Murray Collage Gift

This is my favorite gift on the list. If I had the wall space I would order it for myself. (Forget my Valentine!) The technique is similar to the Wolverine print above - it's a print on dictionary paper. But, place all 9 pieces in 8x10 frames and you have one giant picture of Bill Murray's face. The design is by PageRager on Etsy and you can purchase it here.

7. Fast Company Magazine ($12)

Fast Company Magazine

I looove giving and receiving magazines as gifts. Every month the receiver gets a little "hey, I like you," reminder. In the case of Fast Company it comes with super-intelligent business articles, is inexpensive, and is something to get in the mail besides bills. What's not to love? Bonus - lots of magazines these days come with a print + Kindle subscription for one price. Find it here on Amazon.

8. Brass Knuckles Meat Tenderizer ($12)

Brass Knuckles Meat Tenderizer This one is just so freaking punk I had to put it on the list. Find it here.

9. Vintage Medic Bag ($21.53)

Vintage Medic Bag An Army Navy supply store can be the source of some seriously impressive (and useful) gifts, like this khaki canvas medical bag. Find it here.

10. How to Read Houses: A Crash Course in Domestic Architecture ($17.95)

How to Read Houses Book

For the architecture junky in your life! This book by Will Jones can be purchased through Amazon, but this links to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store. (Just as a way to try and support the museum community.) Find it here.

And, there you have it! Ten cool gifts for your non-Valentine.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?