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Fashion Hot Topics: Nudity on the Runway, E-Commerce in India, Elle vs Elle 

Rick Owens showed some skin on the runway. His new collection featured apparel with strategically placed cutouts. (Be careful about clicking the link if you are at work. It leaves little to the imagination.)

Retail continues to crumble with the closing of Piperlime and SkyMall.

A Norwegian newspaper sent fashion bloggers to work in a garment factory in Cambodia. And of course they taped the whole thing.

Elle magazine is demanding designer Elle Sasson drop her name because it confuses consumers.

E-Commerce is bumping in India. This is a fascinating story because fashion is telling a larger narrative about the economy as a whole.

Did you know fashion law is exploding as a job option? If you are thinking about law and love clothing this may be the career for you! We need more fashion lawyers!

How to Stop Caring What Other People Think 

How do we stop caring about what other people think? Lisa and I discussed evolution, social media, and internal core strength as a means to understand and overcome the continual need for approval.

An article entitled, "Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think," was an awesome starting point for this conversation. It explains how the need to survive and stay in the good graces of the tribe is engrained in our thinking. Plus, it has adorable illustrations.

Fast Company's article, "How to Stop Caring About What Others Think," is a practical, step by step guide to breaking free of this habit. (And, as we find out, it is a habit!)

One quote from this episode I fully stand behind is this:

It's not my job to make sure everybody likes me quoteThis quote isn't being about defensive or rude. It's about not spending time seeking external validation.

I realized at a young age that sometimes people aren't going to like me. For no particular reason - they just aren't going to like me. I can spend my energy making sure everyone understands me and my decisions - OR I can just live my life. That realization was a relief.

What was your favorite fashion news story from this past week? Do tell!