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Pop Fashion Podcast Promo 1.23.15

Fashion Hot Topics - Red Carpet Fashion, Men's Style, Target  

Target is pulling out of Canada. Just last week Target announced a collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer and said those products would be available in all stores in the U.S., Canada, and online. Uhmmm....they were just kidding about the Canada part.

Anna Wintour went to China. She was there to promote the Costume Institute's exhibition, "China: Through the Looking Glass." She went with an entourage (i.e. a high profile group of people who were there to pick up artifacts for the exhibit) and visited up-and-coming designers. Then she dissed them.

The New York Times announced a new Men's Style section. This is a big deal because newspapers are more about cutbacks versus additions these days. Their reasoning: the readership is there and men's style will sell ads. Good enough for me.

In other men's news, Lisa brought in an awesome article from the Wall Street Journal that breaks down men's runway shows.

Red carpet fashion is boring. I'm not the only one with this opinion. Bridget Foley of WWD recently wrote a column on it, and here is Ruth La Ferla's take on it from the New York Times.

I speak regularly on the podcast about my frustration regarding plus-size fashion. Meaning, I get angry at the lack of size and style availability in stores / on the runway / online. My head doesn't exactly know what to do with this article from Fashionista entitled, "Is the Key to Attracting the Plus-Size Customer Not Using the Word 'Plus?'"

Main Topic - Can Nice Guys / Gals Finish First in Business? 

Our main topic was about being nice in business! Business people receive conflicting messages. We are told that we have to be our authentic selves to grow a brand, but at the same time we are told to be ruthless. Which one of those things wins out? And, what if you are a nice person who wants to succeed but doesn't want to be a jerk? Is that possible?

We have some great resources on this subject:

Article from Forbes, "Do Nice People Succeed In Business? It Depends."

Entrepreneur's article by Richard Branson, "Nice Guys Can Finish First." (Aha! I knew it!)

I also did a little research on psychopaths. Turns out a high number of CEO's are suspected to be psychotic. Article from Patheos, "Are CEOs and Entrepreneurs Psychopaths? Multiple Studies say Yes."

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