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Pop Fashion News Here are a few big fashion news stories from last week! (Want to listen? Just push play!)

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Nasty Gal's Founder Stepped Down as CEO. This story seriously surprised me. Lisa brought it to my attention right before we recorded. I remember yelling, "WHAT????!!" And, again I say, WHAT? Sophia Amoruso stepped down? We have done multiple stories on Amoruso and I totally bought her line that the company was doing well (even with layoffs). I didn't see this one coming. Did you?

Uniqulo is hiding some deep S%*$. Literally and figuratively. Undercover researchers found that employees for two Uniqlo suppliers in China are underpaid and overworked. And working in places that are covered in sewage.

Wet Seal closed over 300 stores and fired 3,700 employees. Those employees did not to go gentle into that good night and instead decided to rage, rage against the dying of the light by posting protest signs up in store windows. (Yeah, I know Dylan Thomas.) In related news....

...Every store you grew up with is closing. Here's the current tally:

Macy's - closing 14 stores

J.C.Penney - closing 39 stores

Sears - closing 235 stores

C.Wonder - closed all stores

Wet Seal - closed 338 stores

RadioShack - closed 175 stores

Aeropostale - closed 75 stores during the holiday season; expects to close an additional 50-75 stores

Target announced a collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer. They pulled archived prints for the diffusion line, but not everyone is happy with the partnership.

Main Topic

Our main topic was about toxic people. Dealing with toxic people is incredibly difficult! One of my favorite resources on the subject is a book called Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry by Albert J. Bernstein, Ph.D. 

Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry

Some other resources on this topic:

Are You an Emotional Vampire? This article by Mark Manson comes with a mini quiz to distinguish if you are the toxic person in the room.

10 Toxic People You Should Avoid Like the Plague. Article from Inc that breaks things down into personal characteristics.

How Successful People Handle Toxic People. Another article from Inc that Lisa brought to the table. Best tip that I've never considered? Don't drink coffee.

Toxic Friendships. An article from WebMD that breaks down the toxic basics.

15 Ways to Spot a Toxic Person. eHarmony article that includes warning signs that a person might be toxic. Don't let the fact that it comes from eHarmony throw you - it's worth the read.