New Year, New You 2015

Not Your Typical New Years Article I was recently approached by the website Reimagine to write a "New Year, New You" article for their online magazine. Reimagine is a company that offers support classes to people who are undergoing cancer treatments.

I was thrilled, but also a bit confused, as to why they wanted a fashion consultant to write for their publication. One of their lovely editors explained that she heard me speak about positive body image, and wanted me to expand on that in the context of New Year's resolutions.

So. Cool.

Jeans in a Row

The result is the following article. I hope you enjoy it, because it truly comes from the heart. I feel very privileged that Reimagine let me write a "New Year, New You" article in my own way. That is to say, to write an article that has to do with joy, body-positivity, and community, versus an article that pushes people to get back into the gym.

The world doesn't need another "get back to the gym" article.

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