Christmas DIY Decoration

Fun Budget Friendly Christmas Tree! (Or A Christmas Tree Alternative!)  I'm in the middle of taking down holiday decorations. I can't decide if the taking-down-of-things is sad, or if it is a breath of fresh air, symbolizing a new chapter. Perhaps it is a bit of each.

Before everything goes into storage, though, I wanted to show you the Christmas tree I made this year! It's made of paint chips!

Paint Chip Christmas Tree!

These paint chips belonged to my parents and were used to decide the color scheme of their new home. My Dad wrote notes on the back of a number of the colors. I love that his handwriting and their home was part of our holiday celebration.

Paint Chip Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree turned out to be a budget-friendly, space-friendly way to decorate our apartment. I live in the middle of DC, and I am so in love with our home. But, city living = small spaces! We are continuously weighing what we should bring in to our home because space is at a premium. A tree that could go on a wall was the perfect solution!

Even better - I loved that simple paint chips were upcycled into a decoration that was a daily joy during the season.

So, I'm a bit melancholy today as I take the paint chip tree down. But, with that twinge of sadness comes excitement about the future and the year ahead.

Did you decorate for the holidays? Come up with any cool DIY / upcycle ideas? If so, tell me about them below!!