Fashion Consulting in DC for 7 Years!

Closet Caucus Turns Seven  This Saturday, November 1st, marks the 7th year of my fashion consulting company, Closet Caucus.

When I first started this company I didn't exactly know what the future had in store. All I wanted to do was work with individuals on clothing as a way to talk about positive body image. That's it. It was an insane idea and I didn't know how long I could keep it going. I'm completely blown away that I've been able to do this job for this long.

DC Fashion Consulting Company Closet CaucusAnd, it really is a dream job.

Many people think it is glamorous, but the day in and day out of fashion consulting isn't glam. There is the technical part of putting an outfit together, of color theory, of shopping for body type and within budget. And, all of that can be taught and learned. But, a lot of my job is just listening and asking questions. I get to hear people's stories - where they are from, what they like and dislike...and all of that digs down into a person's history, which is essential to self expression through clothing.

I get to listen to people's stories of who they are. Then we work on self-love using the medium of clothing. And, that's what makes my job amazing.

What I've also learned - no man is an island when it comes to business. Keeping this thing going has been a gigantic effort, and it has stretched me in ways that have been amazing (and sometimes made me want to curl into a little ball on the floor). There's no way I would have made it to 7 years without the help, encouragement, and love from these people:

-Gary and Taunya - for continued prayer, for holding your breath as I took this leap of faith, and for understanding that people can be called - even into a field as crazy and unexpected as fashion

-Carey and Sean - for listening ears and a solid no-nonsense approach to business. Bouncing ideas off of you two has made all the difference in setting my sails on course

-Stephanie B - for being a listening ear, a continual support system, and a beyond-loyal friend

-Christine B - for all-encompassing, all supporting enthusiasm that never wavers

-Kristen K - you pointed me in the direction of a freelance job when I was trying to get Closet Caucus off the ground. That job gave me breathing room so I could put down a business foundation. Your friendship and guidance was an answer to prayer.

-Carmel P - for loving prayers, support, and a sense of humor that has carried me through

-Lisa R - you would totally be the leader of the fashion gang. Couldn't ask for a better partner in crime.

-McLean R - you wrote the first article about Closet Caucus and it completely changed my business. You may not realize it, but you were the catalyst that solidified my relationship with the press.

-Joel M - for being such an unexpected cheerleader! I'm so blessed by our friendship.

-Ben M - for giving me the idea for the podcast. It only took me 6 years to get it going. Also, for being game to listen to me chat about fashion news. Cause, I know it isn't exactly your thing - that is friendship, dude.

-Stacey V - for the gorgeous pictures that got my website going. Your talent continually knocks me out.

-Shari W - for teaching me about branding, marketing, and emotional intelligence with co-workers. Those lessons still play a (big!) part in my daily life. Also, thanks for being a guinea pig when I was working out my styling system.

Last but not least -

To Navin, who was my best buddy before becoming my boyfriend and then my husband. You believed in Closet Caucus from the moment I said the idea out loud. I seriously wouldn't be here without you - you literally and figuratively picked me up when I thought I couldn't do this anymore because it was too hard. You are my rock, my technology guru, my cheerleader in a suit. Thank you for believing in me.