Jelly Shoes Grow Up

Adorable Smelly Shoes In the 80's my mini-fashionista self was all about jelly shoes. Remember them? Well, they are having a small moment in trendy fashion (and I must admit I own this pair). BUT, I found the jelly shoe's older, more sophisticated sister.

On Trend - Jelly Shoes

Jelly flats! These guys are so comfortable and versatile. The best part? THEY SMELL LIKE STRAWBERRIES.

I don't understand the magical manufacturing process that has inserted scent into a shoe, but there you have it. Apparently they smell better the longer you wear them.

I purchased them at Gossip on 23rd, an adorable women's apparel store in Crystal City where everything is under $100. You can also purchase them on ModCloth here. If you are in the DC area, though, I would really encourage you to purchase them at Gossip in order to support a small business owner.

Did you own jelly shoes as a kid? Would you try them as an adult? Do tell!