Fall Fashion - Outfit Ideas

Wear Your Dress as a Coat  Do you know you can wear a dress as a coat?

Hear me out on this one - I know how it sounds. (i.e. crazycakes)

If you have a dress that buttons / zips all the way up in the front up you can layer it over another dress. It will look something like this:

Fall Fashion Outfit Idea

The khaki coat is actually a summer dress. During the fall I wear it over something and style it the same way I would style a long blazer. This trick works especially well if the "coat" is black, navy, or an earth tone.

It's just another way to get more outfits out of your closet. It's especially handy when the weather is cool in the mornings and warm by afternoon.

Another note - I was playing around with my scarf in this particular outfit. I wanted it in my hair, but also thought about it going down the front of the dress as a means to play with pattern. So, I wore it as a headband and then tucked it in my belt in the front on one side. If this is just a bridge too far for you that is perfectly okay! I like to experiment with simple elements as a means of playing around with style.

Here's a better look at it from the side:

Fall Outfit Ideas

Another look at the different elements - "coat" dress / simple black dress / scarf / belt:

Fall Outfit Ideas

I am going to put this khaki dress in my coat closet for a couple of weeks. It might just inspire some other creative ideas!