Fall Fashion: Outfit Ideas

Is Leopard Print a Neutral?  I really, really love apparel merchandising. It's one of my all time favorite things to do. (For those of you that don't know - apparel merchandising is the process of placing clothing in a store in an aesthetically pleasing way in order to drive sales.)

Apparel merchandising can be challenging because there are parameters and rules that you have to follow while making the overall picture look seamless. The best way I can describe it is that it is a gigantic Sudoku puzzle - but instead of numbers you are use clothes.

WELL, one of my merchandising teachers once told me, "Leopard print is a neutral."

What? Really? Is leopard print a neutral?

Fall Fashion Outfit IdeasI've come to the conclusion leopard print is a neutral in merchandising, but not when creating an outfit. BUT, it is much more versatile than people sometimes realize. You can pair it with browns or blacks, which ultimately means you have lots of shoe and accessory options. You can also combine it with solid colors (especially jewel tones).

Maybe leopard print with a deep plum color?

Or emerald green?

Or navy?

It's perfectly okay to experiment.

If you aren't quite ready to do a skirt or top, start with a scarf or necklace. It's a small way you can push your style (and if you get freaked out during the day just take it off!).

I'm totally in love with this top. It's a simple scoop-neck t-shirt from Ann Taylor Loft, but the color is divine. Every time I put it on I feel like it's time to drink a pumpkin latte. (I honestly do call it my pumpkin latte shirt.) Seriously, does anyone want to get a pumpkin latte? The more I type those words the larger my craving. Pumpkin. Latte.

I've obviously been brainwashed by a certain coffee company. I won't mention any names. But, it rhymes with Marmucks.

Finally, I just got that belt at the thrift store for $1. Total steal.

Do you wear leopard print? Do you incorporate it into office wear? Into fall fashion? Do tell!