Rockabilly Office Style

Outfit of the Day!  Today's outfit is a twist on a basic office ensemble. A black skirt, cardigan, and cami are all building block pieces for a 9 to 5 wardrobe. The whimsy is all in the details!

Rockabilly Office Style

The cardigan is from a cute boutique in NW DC called Rosies and Rockers. I love the birds because they look like they were inspired by tattoo art!

The polka dot belt came with another dress. Quick tip: if you buy a dress that comes with a belt detach it and place it with the rest of your accessories. You can always pair it with the original outfit, but it's much more fun to mix and match.

Also, I'm a big believer in red heels. They always add a pop of color!

This particular outfit is more on the "inspired by" end of the Rockabilly spectrum rather than diving deep into that style. I'm always so impressed with people who go all in and live that particular form of fashion. It's feminine, flattering, and pays homage to vintage style. It also manages to be incredibly sexy while (typically) not showing that much skin.

Here are some online shops that incorporate / are inspired by Rockabilly style:

Pin Up Girl Clothing


Unique Vintage

Do you have a favorite Rockabilly shop? Do tell!