Transitional Outfits - Summer to Fall

Outfit of the Day!  I love, love the beginning of fall. But, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to clothes. I was outside this morning and it was fun to watch the parade of people walk by in all sorts of clothes. Some people were still in summer mode with bright dresses. Others were already wearing tall boots.

It's a the wonderful challenge to dress when the weather is hot in the sunshine, but cool when you are in the shade.

Transitional Outfit - Summer to Fall


This outfit is lightly layered to work in all sorts of weather. The sweater jacket is cozy, but the cami underneath allows it to be transformed if it happens to get too warm. The maxi skirt covers my legs, but the slip goes to right above the knee which means it doesn't get too hot.

You can also continue to wear your maxi skirts when the weather changes! Pair one with a light sweater (brown or black helps ease clothes into a fall palate).  You can layer the top with a cami / short sleeve shirt in order to add or take away layers according to the temperature.

What is your favorite thing to wear at the start of fall? Do tell!