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Boyhood - Illustrated Movie Review  This week I saw the movie Boyhood. Here's my mini illustrated review:

Boyhood Illustrated Movie Review


It's actually a very good flick, but you have to have some patience and a lot of time (165 minutes, to be exact) to let the story meander. Director Richard Linklater goes for the slow burn and has an amazing amount of dedication to allow a story to unfold. His Before Sunrise series is an unparalleled example of how he checks in with characters by waiting years between films.

Ultimately, it's totally worth watching. But, if you are a type-A fidgety person like me you may want to rent it. (While I was in the theater I had to make my own intermission and go outside because I was so antsy!) Renting gives you the ability to get up and move around, while a theater experience will draw some serious side-eye if you get restless.