What a Fashion Photoshoot REALLY Looks Like

Behind the Scenes at the Beltway Vintage Fall Lookbook This week I styled the Beltway Vintage Fall 2014 lookbook. I always love working with Beltway Vintage because the model / photographer / artistic director / stylist team is so solid. Everyone is easy-going, fun, and works toward a singular vision.

I wanted to show you a bit behind the scenes of a fashion shoot.

Beltway Vintage Fall Lookbook 2014

In this pic I'm putting shoes on our model, Nicole. I specifically wanted to show you the back of the dress. See all of those clips? I pulled the dress so it would fit the model correctly. This happens at all apparel photoshoots. Models are pinned, clipped, and sometimes sewn into clothes.

Clothing in real life is supposed to move and work with your body. Clothing on a model is supposed to fit precisely and showcase the design. The clothes sometimes fit the people who are modeling, sometimes not. So, I come in as the stylist and help with fit and keep an eye out on the line of the clothing. I make sure that the models look great and the clothes stay pristine.

It's not glamorous. It's a lot of hauling things around, steaming clothes, and jumping in during the photography process to make sure the clothing and the models look killer.

Again, it's not glamorous. But, it is a lot of fun!

Here's a quick video of the shoot:

And, a few photos:

 Beltway Vintage Fall 2014

Beltway Vintage Fall 2014

Beltway Vintage Fall 2014

The big thing I want you to know -

don't compare yourself to models in magazines. Yup, they might look fantastic. But, they have a team working behind the scenes to make SURE they look fantastic. Chances are that they don't fit into the clothes, either. The zippers might not be zipped or they might be sewn into an outfit. Or, there might be a stylist that jumps into the frame before the picture to rearrange things to make sure the clothes are falling correctly. The clothes might be woooonderful (like in this case!). But, all people fit into clothes differently. Even at a photoshoot. Even with models.