Thrifted Find!

Thrift Store Love  I had to share my latest thrift store find!

Thrifted Tulle Dress

I'm a sucker for anything tulle, so I was VERY excited to find this dress at my local thrift store. Tulle can be a difficult material when it comes to consigning / thrifting because it can be torn so easily. Finding tulle in good shape is a victory within itself! (If you are considering buying a piece that has tulle make sure to look for holes, tears, or gaps. The fullness of the material can hide problem areas.)

I also like that this is a short skirt with a tulle overlay. That means that the dress has a lot of movement and isn't confining.

It did come with a small imperfection. A thread is caught between the backing and the top sequins:

Thrifted Tulle Dress Top

It's so small that it can be difficult to spot. I might try to fix it. Or, I might just be lazy and leave it alone!

The best part? This dress cost me $4. Have I told you HOW much I love thrifting?

So, the question that I know will come up, "Where are you going to wear it?"  The answer - I don't know. But, I do know that I will be ready when the occasion happens!

Have you had any recent thrifted finds lately? Do tell!