DIY Outline Nails

Nail Art for People Who Aren't Talented Enough to Do Nail Art  I'm not exactly a beauty person.

Fashion - fashion I know.

But, beauty is its own animal. I like playing around, but I'm totally in awe of makeup artists. They can do everything from bringing out someone's natural beauty to completely transforming a face.

They are magicians with brushes.

But, I do like to play around even if it isn't my forte. The other day I tried outline nails!

DIY Outline Nails

Confession: I don't remember if I made this up or if I saw it somewhere and it's been hanging out in the back of my head. (If I need to give anyone credit, please feel free to leave a message and I will be happy to do so!!)

Outline nails turned out to be such a fun approach to my nail routine. This project is great for people who want to do something special but don't have mad skills when it comes to painting detailed nail art.

Let's get to the process.

1. Gather nail polish materials.

DIY Outline Nail Polish Art Products

I  got out the usual suspects (nail file, cotton balls, polish remover), Essie polish in Miss Fancy Pants, and Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen in black / noir.

2. Paint nails as usual.

DIY Outline Nails

I seriously love this color.

3. Outline Those Nails! 

DIY Outline Nails

The good thing about outlining versus other nail art design is that you get to follow the natural shape of your nail.

Here's the big thing I learned: don't worry if it's not perfect. The end result as a whole is bigger than each individual nail. That is why this is a great project for people who want to do nail art but don't really have the desire to create designs that are intricate. This is about as detailed as I get with this art form!

Side Notes: 

Definitely do a top coat. If not, the black nail art pen will rub off.

Do this while watching a long movie! You have to wait between steps to allow your nails to dry, otherwise things get messed up. Next time I do a binge round of Netflix I'm going to do this again. (I'm way behind on Orange is the New Black. Perhaps while watching that?)

If you are using a black pen it pops if the base polish is a light color. My guess is the opposite is true - a dark polish would work with a bright nail art pen. (A navy base coat and with a white outline? That's my first thought!)

Has anyone tried outlining before? Do tell!