Summer of Fashion Documentaries!

Fashion Documentary - Bill Cunningham New York Welcome back to the summer of fashion documentaries! This week we are focusing on Bill Cunningham New York.  (You can find this documentary streaming on Netflix or you can watch it for free here on Hulu.)

Summer of Fashion Documentaries: Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham is a fashion photographer for The New York Times. More importantly, Cunningham is an institution. He legitimized street fashion photography and has documented the evolution of clothing for over four decades.

Watch. This. Documentary.

Even if you aren't even into fashion. Even if you think the apparel industry is silly. Watch this documentary.

The Scoop

The film observes Cunningham at work and examines his process of taking pictures. But, really what you are seeing is a man's determination to capture beauty. It's interesting, it's obsessive, and it's completely engrossing.

It's also an exercise in contradictions. While watching the film I wrote down overarching themes of opposites that are displayed in Cunningham's work and life.

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Watch this Documentary 

If you are a creative professional. It's a lesson in work, ethics, passion, and joy.

Skip this Documentary

Don't skip this documentary. It's worth your time.

The Nuances 

There is a moment in Paris (when he can't get into a fashion show) and a moment when he is asked about his spiritual life where Cunningham's importance, vulnerability, and tenderness are revealed.

Can You Watch This While Doing Other Stuff? 

Nope. You want to give this documentary your full attention. If you multitask you will miss some of the genius behind his photography.

Running Time: 84 minutes (released in 2010)

The wider world perceives fashion as a frivolity that should be done away with in the face of social upheavals and problems that are enormous. The point is, in fact, that fashion is the armor to survive the realities of everyday life. - Bill Cunningham 

Have you seen this documentary? What did you think?

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